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A free-standing unit that allows any mains-powered equipment such as signal-lights, pyrotechnics, etc., to be switched under MIDI control. Six different operating modes may be selected, including note velocity (>63=“on”), note-on/note-off, controller value, note-on toggle, thus allowing operation from all types of MIDI controller (synthesiser, sequencer, etc) including those which do not send “note-off” information. Settings can be controlled remotely using MIDI commands or by a local default, set by 16 DIL switches:

Switch Function Notes
1-3 Mode Defines the operating mode (1-6)
4-7 Channel Defines which MIDI channel is used to listen for messages (1-16)
8-15 Value Defines note/controller value the switch will respond to (1-128)
16 Omni When set allows the unit to respond to any channel.

Operating any default switch automatically resets the unit to the new default, and there is also a reset switch to set the unit to the current default. Mains switching occurs at the zero-crossing point of the mains cycle, which, together with spike suppression components, ensures that interference is virtually eliminated. Mains inlet and switched output are on IEC connectors and MIDI-IN and THRU connections are provided, allowing the switcher to be connected in line with other equipment. LED indicators show input and switched mains power, MIDI data present, omni and mode status.

Mating connector codes (not supplied):

IEC mains inlet: 42-154
IEC mains outlet: 42-153
MIDI DIN plug: 43-335

Technical Specification:

Mains input: 230V AC
Fuse: 20mm 6.3A (T) HRC (stock code 42-275)
Mains output: 1.5kW
Control to mains isolation: 1.5kV
Dimensions (w x d x h): 110 x 170 x 47 mm
Weight: 0.8kg