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Rycote microphone protection cases protect and carry up to three microphones within telescopic, plastic tubes which fit into a lightweight PVC outer case covered with a water-resistant, 600D Oxford Nylon fabric layer. The case is tubular, with zip-fastening around the upper edge and a webbed carrying-strap and carabiner for easy attachment to a bag or belt.

Each protector case has three telescopic, clear, PVC tubes, which have hexagonal tube caps to prevent rolling on flat surfaces. The tubes can be adjusted in length by screwing the lid further into the base and vice versa. Each PVC tube is supplied with four foam inserts, to help protect the microphones from transit-shock.The foam inserts can also be used to separate smaller microphones where multiple microphones will fit into a single tube.

079902 Mic Protector Case - 200mm

This case has PVC tubes which have a telescopic range of 125-180mm.

External dimensions: 200x75 (LxD) mm. Weight: 300g, including microphone tubes and carabiner; 240g, without tubes and carabiner.

079903 Mic Protector Case - 300mm

This case has PVC tubes which have a telescopic range of 200-340mm.

External dimensions: 300x75 (LxD) mm. Weight: 440g, including microphone tubes and carabiner; 340g, without tubes and carabiner.

079902 Mic Protector Case 20cm 079903 Mic Protector Case 30cm
AKG CK91, CK92 & CK93 + SE300B, P170, C480B  
Audio Technica AT 831b, AT 8053a, AT4053b, Pro-37, AT2121, AT4041 AT 4073, BP4073, AT897, AT 875R, AT877
Audix SCX1-HC, M1280-BHC  
BeyerDynamic MCE 85 PV MCE 85 BA
DPA 4007A, 4018A, 4016, 4017C 4017b
Neumann KM100 & KM180, KMD series KMR 81i, KMR-81D
Oktava MC-012  
Rode M5, NT-5, NT-55, NT-6 NTG-2, NTG-3, NTG-4, NTG-4+
Sanken CS-1e CS-2, CS-3e, CSS-50
Schoeps CMC series, MiniCMIT CMC series + Cut 1 filter, CMIT5u, SuperCMIT
Sennheiser e614, e914, ME62 K6, ME64 K6, MKH 20, MKH40, MKH 50 & MKH8060 w/MZX MKH 416, MKE 600, MKH 60
Shure VP82, KSM141 SM81, VP89S
Sony ECM 670, ECM 678
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RYCOTE 079902 MIC PROTECTOR CASE 20CM With 3x 125-180mm telescopic PVC microphone tubes   Stock code: 74-8091
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RYCOTE 079903 MIC PROTECTOR CASE 30CM With 3x 200-240mm telescopic PVC microphone tubes   Stock code: 74-8092
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