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1 March 2024
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ATND1061DAN is a beamforming microphone array from Audio-Technica designed as a solution for conference room, boardroom, or meeting space whereby a microphone is installed discreetly to pickup speech from members of the room. Audio-Technica suggest 'ATND1061DAN is easy to install, set up, and operate', with options for room configuration, zone setup being handled via the Digital Microphone Manager software application interface.

Audio-Technica ATND1061 can be configured with up to thirty-two user-defined pickup zones, with a total of six individual output channels. The maximum of six simultaneous beams, each one of which can cover up to sixteen coverage zones, and five simultaneous beams can cover up to sixteen priority zones. Output channel 1 can be configured with up to 16 user-defined coverage zones to ensure coverage of non-priority or unplanned participants, whilst output channels 2–6 can be configured with up to 16 user-defined priority zones to ensure priority pickup of participants in known locations. Unlimited exclusion zones can be pre-set to avoid known trouble spots such as air conditioning units and therefore enabling the microphone's noise reduction and auto-mixing functions to operate with optimum efficiency. Digital signal processing including Audio-Technica's VAD (voice activity detection) technology, auto-mixing, automatic gain control (AGC), and 4-band parametric equalization can be applied.

The beamforming microphone can be flush mount into a drop ceiling, surface mount onto a hard ceiling with fitting accessories included for each; or VESA mount. ATND1061DAN is UL 2043 compliant for installation into plenum spaces.

The front, or visible part of the microphone once installed, features a wire mesh for microphone protection and aesthetics, an infrared receiver, a reset button, and an LED that signifies the status of the microphone with solid green denoting normal (unmuted) status, solid red when muted, solid cyan when in power saving mode, flashing red at 1 second intervals when the microphone has an issue with network connection, and flashing red at 2 second intervals when the microphone has an error. The LED also flash red, green, blue, or yellow to signify a change of operational mode.

The rear panel, which is hidden when installed, has two RJ45 ports for Dante network connection, an analogue output port via 3-pin Euroblock connector, an analogue input port also via 3-pin Euroblock connector, and GPI port on 3-pin Euroblock connector - as well as VESA mounting holes, zip tie holes, and mount release button.

The included infrared controller has power on/off and cancel button, mute/confirm button, and preset mode change button.

Frequency response: 60Hz - 8kHz, microphone; 20Hz - 20kHz, analogue audio. Maximum input: 102dB SPL. Sensitivity: -8 dBFS, 1kHz, 94dB SPL. Dynamic range: 89dB, microphone; 100dB, analogue audio. Signal to noise: 61.5dB, microphone; 80dB, analogue audio. Headroom: 20dB. Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1%, 1kHz, unity. Power requirement: PoE, IEEE 802.3af Class 0. Power consumption: 7W maximum. Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius. Operating humidity: 25-85%, non-condensing. Dimensions (WxDxH): 227.5 x 227.5 x 30mm. Weight: 1250g.

Included accessories: Infrared remote control, surface mount adapter, 5x M4 x 50mm screws, flush mount adapter, flush mount cover, 12x M4 x 10mm screws, hole cover, 4x nut, 2x snap bushing, 2x tile bridge A, 2x tile bridge B, 4x tile bridge C, seismic cable, zip tie, safety belt, 3x Euroblock connectors, and installation template.

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AUDIO-TECHNICA ATND1061DAN MICROPHONE Beamforming ceiling array, Dante enabled Stock code: 74-6690
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