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Part of the Yellobrik range of modules manufactured by Lynx Technik, the SPG 1707 is a versatile analogue sync-pulse generator with genlock, that will deliver simultaneous sources of HDTV and SDTV sync and audio reference signals. Yellobrik modules may be used alone, or mounted in an optional rack-mounting frame.

The genlock capability is the strong point of the SPG 1707; it will cross-lock to any sync signal regardless of the output sync format selected, useful if a source of HDTV tri-level sync is needed, locked to a SDTV black reference, or if it is needed to lock across standards, for example, to connect to a PAL sync and get frequency-locked NTSC sync and HDTV tri-level sync outputs.

The module provides three SD sync outputs and three HD sync outputs and a separate audio sync output that can be switched between 48kHz word clock or Digital Audio Reference (DARS). Flexible genlock capability allows the module to genlock to any SD or HD reference input, with full cross-lock capability, even across unmatched standards. The HD tri-level sync outputs can be set to any of the available HD standards, and the bi-level SD outputs set for NTSC, PAL or PAL M/N. The SD and HD sync outputs and audio sync signals are all frequency-locked to the reference regardless of the selected sync standard for the outputs. The SD sync outputs can be colour bars, black burst or sync only with selectable 7.5 IRE pedestal for NTSC standards, with adjustable burst phase in 8 increments.

The module has eight BNC connectors, three each for SDTV and HDTV sync outputs, one for the audio reference, one for the sync reference input. The generator is robust and temperature stabilised, suitable as a reference source with 2ppm accuracy. All user controls are located on the top of the module, clearly labelled and easily accessible. A rotary switch selects sync output; an LED indicates genlock. A USB port is provided for firmware upgrades.

HDTV sync: Tri-level HD analogue sync outputs; 1080i/50/59.94/60Hz; 1080p/23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz; 720p/23.98/24/25/29.97/50/59.94Hz; 1080psf/23.98/24Hz. Note: 1080p 50Hz/60Hz is not supported and 720p 30Hz/60Hz is not supported, but the .001 derivatives are supported. SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 296M. Selectable via integrated 16-position rotary switch. Return loss: Better than 40dB up to 5MHz. Noise: Better than -75dB.
SDTV sync: Bi-level SD sync outputs; NTSC, PAL, PAL M/N, SMPTE 170M, ITU-R BT 470.6. Return loss: Better than 40dB up to 5MHz. Noise: Better than -75dB.
Reference sync input: Bi-level or tri-level analogue sync. Cross lock: Compatible to 525 and 625 SD sync and all HD sync standards (excluding 1080p 50/60/59.94Hz). SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 296M.
Audio Reference: DARS to SMPTE 276M, unbalanced, AES 24-bit, Grade 2; 48KHz word-clock, 0-5.0V. Accuracy: 2 ppm.
Power source: 9-14V DC; AC adapter supplied. Dimensions: 105 x 95 x 22mm.

Included accessories: All Yellobrik modules are supplied with a plug-top power supply with UK, US, Australian and European plug fittings and wall-mounting brackets.
Optional accessories: Power adapter cables for 12V working, alternative power supplies and a rack-mounting frame for to 14 Yellobrik modules are available. Please see Lynx Yellobrik power supplies and mounting accessories.

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LYNX YELLOBRIK SPG 1707 SYNC PULSE GENERATOR 3x HD tri-level/3x SD bi-level/3xBlackBurst, genlock in Stock code: 90-3029
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