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SMPTE low temperature cable flexibility testing

Cables on a snow covered tableCable flexibility at low temperatures is determined by the materials used in construction. As a general rule, PU (Polyurethane) jacketed cables are the only ones suitable for use at much below zero.

Canford makes many of its cables with PU jackets, offering low temperature flexibility as well as very high abrasion resistance. With SMPTE fibre camera cables, it's a more complex issue, as there are many elements in the cable construction, with different temperature profiles.

But our customers need to know which are the best cables to use when it's a little below zero (or for our Scandanavian and Russian customers, a lot below zero!).

Practical tests are always the best, fortunately the recent weather in the UK has facilitated some simple "open air" flexibility assessments, representing real life conditions. We found very significant differences in sub zero flexibility, but of course some designs are optimised for other situations.

Cables in the freezer

For more information, and advice on SMPTE cable selection, please contact our Technical Support Team on techsupport@canford.co.uk or send us a message.

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