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2 March 2024
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Poles Apart: 50+ Years of Panamic Boom Poles



Hand Crafted

In 1972, Colin Charles (Sound Recordist) set up Panamic with the aim of providing a high-quality, lightweight, premium alternative to the existing popular boom poles. Each pole was carefully constructed, by hand, from the highest quality carbon fibre – a practise which is still in full effect today. Over the last five decades, Panamic boom poles have appeared on the sets of legendary flim-makers Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, they’ve been used in the harshest of environments (from subzero temperatures to the top of volcanoes), and in TV studios all around the world.

When Colin finally retired in 2007, Canford acquired Panamic and moved production down to our Portland facility. We quickly realised we were going to need a go-to person for all things Panamic, and we certainly found someone!
That man was Alan and this is his sixteenth year as our Panamic expert. If you’ve bought a Panamic pole in the last sixteen years, it has certainly passed through the hands of Alan.

An interview with Alan



Technical Expertise

And, as if one expert isn't enough, almost all Panamic fans have spoken to Laura at some point. Laura is our technical expert for Panamic and oversaw the migration from the original Panamic facility to our Portland manufacturing plant back in 2007.

From procuring parts to keeping Alan in check, what Laura doesn't know about Panamic isn't worth knowing. She's also been part of team Canford since 1998 and holds a huge amount of manufacturing knowledge and industry expertise.


Poles Apart

Mark Roberts, Documentary Sound Recordist:
"I have only owned one boom pole in my entire 30-year career; a 3-section Panamic mini. That is a testament to how good Panamic boom poles are. I have used it in all conditions, from minus 50°C Siberian winters to 45°C Saharan summers. It’s also accompanied me 50 metres up into the Amazonian rainforest canopy...".

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Loyal Panamic users all cite the same reasons for continuing to use our poles:

“I can honestly say the Panamic pole has never let me down during my entire career”.

“As a career boom op, I want a pole that will last me for my entire career, and I know without a doubt that I can trust Panamic booms to be extremely durable and reliable”.


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