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14 July 2024
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CANFORD LINE ISOLATING UNIT AES/EBU, unbalanced, BNC in/out, 75 ohms, 8 channel, rack mounting

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Providing isolation between input and output, these are available as eight-channel units, for either 110 ohm balanced or 75 ohm unbalanced circuits. Each channel has a 1:1 transformer, balanced circuit versions have an 'earth-lift' switch. They are housed in a 1U rack-mounting enclosure with innovative mounting options.

The balanced circuit version has XLR connectors for input and output, one female, one male, located in pairs on one face. Earth-lift switches for each channel are located on the opposite face of the fully-screened case.

The unbalanced circuit version has BNC female connectors for input and output, located in pairs on one face; there is no earth lift facility on this type.

They are designed to be mounted in a number of different ways within a 19-inch rack, acknowledging that they are utility products that may require no operational access. Detachable rack-mounting 'L- brackets' are included, which can be fitted at either face. Brackets may be fitted so the unit mounts flush, or recessed by 30mm, 60mm or 90mm.. A lacing-bar is provided, with a choice of mounting positions. Note that the lacing-bar cannot be fitted when the unit is mounted recessed by 90mm. Alternatively, the brackets can be fitted at right-angles to the box allowing vertical mounting (either way up) either flush with the rack-verticals or at a recess depth of approximately 30mm, 60mm or 90mm (or 120mm or 150mm). The vertical-mounting option allows space within a rack behind patch panels or other equipment to be utilised saving valuable front-of-rack area.

Units are finished in black, printed with channel identification numbers on both connector and switch faces and fitted with snap-on cover designation strips. Templates for printing designation strip labels, available as a DWG file for AutoCAD and compatible applications, can be downloaded from the appropriate product page on the Canford website.
Spare designation-strip paper inserts (not suitable for printers) and clear covers are available.

Bandwidth 0.1 - 6.0MHz. Maximum voltage: 5.0V p-p. VSWR: Less than 1.1, 0.1 - 6.0MHz. Insertion loss: Less than 0.3dB.
Dimensions: 441 x 104 x 44.4 (w x d x h) mm, without rack brackets fitted; 19 inches x 194mm x 44.4mm (w x d x h), with rack brackets fitted. Weight: 1.1kg.

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CANFORD LINE ISOLATING UNIT AES/EBU, balanced, XLR in/out, 110 ohms, 8 channel, rack mounting Stock code: 20-231
Assembled to order, available in Call.
CANFORD LINE ISOLATING UNIT AES/EBU, unbalanced, BNC in/out, 75 ohms, 8 channel, rack mounting Stock code: 20-232
Discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for alternatives.