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BCD DTG-1 Digital tone generator

Stock code
BCD Audio
Model number
  • DTG-1
BCD DTG-1 Digital tone generator
BCD DTG-1 Digital tone generatorBCD DTG-1 Digital tone generator

BCD TONE GENERATOR - Digital audio - DTG

For testing systems in installation, lab, service or operational environments, this produces a variety of standard tones in AES-3 format. Built in a rugged extruded case, it may be powered by the internal battery or an external DC power source and may be used hand-held or rack-mounted using optional panels.


Two controls on the front panel select up to 14 tests. The first switch sends signals to the left, right, left + right channels of the digital data stream. In these states the second switch can select ‘standard’ frequencies and levels. The remaining positions on the first switch mute both channels (sending 0 to all bits), send GLITS tone or enable the ‘Special’ signals. In the ‘GLITS’ position, the second switch can then select either ‘BBC’ or ‘EBU’ stereo identification sequences. In the ‘Special’ position there are six alternatives. The status LED on the front panel indicates power-on, low battery, fault conditions.

Standard tones GLITS tones Special signals
400Hz, -18dBFS Left break Phase test, 400Hz, clipped
1kHz, -18dBFS L + 2R breaks White noise, -3dBFS
10kHz, -18dBFS 10kHz, -18dBFS, + emphasis flag
10kHz, 0dBFS 10kHz, 0dBFS +validity flag
1kHz, 0dBFS 10kHz, -96dBFS
1kHz, -48dBFS 10kHz, -114dBFS

Note: GLITS tones are 1kHz, -18dBFS. Positions 1 and 2 are the EBU and BBC sequences respectively.

Channel status information is transmitted in professional format as is alphanumeric source and destination information. The rear panel has an XLR-3M transformer balanced AES-3 output, the battery compartment, 2.5mm coaxial external DC supply, BNC connector for an external Wordclock input and battery on-off switch. The internal clock runs at 48kHz. If the wordclock is connected, the unit synchronises to the external signal, and the output frequency scales accordingly. A 44.1 kHz Wordclock will cause a reduction of approximately 9%. The internal PP3 battery life is approximately three hours, so battery operation is not recommended for continuous use.

Test signals are generated to 24-bit accuracy at 1kHz and 10kHz, distortion is better than 0.005% for these, The 400Hz signal is 16-bit. AES-3 output: Impedance 110 ohms, 5V/3V peak to peak external/internal power. Wordclock input: 30kHz to 52kHz. Power source: 8 - 30V DC, 0.5 W maximum. Dimensions: 94 x 52 x 108 (w x h x d) mm. Weight:250g.

Included accessories: Instructions
Optional accessories: Power supply 23-8904. See BCD rack mounting panels - Extruded box for details of rack mounting-options and see Extruded Boxes Mounting Kits for fixing to flat surfaces.