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17 August 2022
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CANARE MID SIZE WECo 3Gb/s 1080p HDTV VIDEO JACKFIELDS Very High Density, 2 x 32 way, Staggered

These self-normalling, mid-size, ‘mini-WECo’ style video jackfields pass uncompressed, 1080p HDTV video up to 3Gb/s (SMPTE 424M). The compact design fits 32 channels into 1U making them ideally suited to systems incorporating high density routers. The nickel plated, aluminium alloy jack modules and unique sealed rotary switch make these panels particularly suitable for use in trucks and flightcase systems where weight and the risk of dust contamination, are serious considerations. Staggered rear BNC connectors allow the use of industry standard, BNC HD cable plugs stocked by Canford including Amphenol, Canare, Neutrik, Telegartner and Trompeter.

The jack pairs are housed in rugged diecast aluminium clam-shell housings, and incorporate hermetically sealed, double reverse-action, rotary micro-switches, mounted on a screened PCB and rated at 30,000 operations. Two precision 75 ohm metal-film resistors offer near perfect signal-path termination. Jack modules are secured by front-panel screws, permitting simple module exchange. Modules have a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

Two jack modules are available. MDVJ-STW is ‘normal through’, which provides a normalled route between top and bottom jacks. On inserting a patchcord plug into either top or bottom jack, the disconnected circuit is automatically terminated into a 75 ohm load. The standard assembled panel 32MD-ST incorporate these modules. MDVJ-STS is a ‘straight through’ module, which is effectively two single jacks in one housing, each terminated with a 75 ohm load until a jack plug is inserted. This module is useful for bringing up auxiliary equipment on a central jackfield location. ‘Straight through’ modules may be ordered separately for substitution by the user, or combinations of ‘normalled’ and ‘straight through’ modules may be specified for factory assembly to special order. Both jacks have a return loss of 20dB or greater at 2.4GHz and 10dB or greater at 3GHz, making them suitable for SMPTE 292M 1.5Gb/s and SMPTE 424M 3Gb/s applications.

Jackfields are available in 1U (high density format) in 2 x 32 configurations. Jackfields do not have lacing bars as standard but they may be ordered separately (stock code 48-359). Dust caps are available to seal off sockets not in use. Suitable 75 ohm flexible patchcords MVPC are available in three lengths, using black cable as standard, and with black strain-relief sleeves on the connectors.

Patchcord plug to BNC socket adapters BCJ-MVP are also available, to enable cables terminated with BNC plugs to be directly patched into the jackfield. Note that although the MUSA and WECo systems are visually similar, they are not compatible with each other.

Other patchcord lengths and WECo to BNC adapter patchcables to permit direct connection to equipment with BNC connectors are available to special order.

Technical Specification:

SMPTE 292M & 424M Standards

SMPTE 292M is a standard published by SMPTE which allows for bit-rates of 1.485 Gb/s, and 1.485/1.001 Gb/s. These bit-rates are sufficient for to transport uncompressed High Definition video. This standard is usually referred to as HD-SDI and is one of a number of standards that define a Serial Digital Interface based on a coaxial cable, intended to be used for the transport of uncompressed digital video and audio in a television studio environment. SMPTE 424M develops SMPTE292M allowing for bit-rates of 2.970 Gb/s and 2.970/1.001 Gb/s over a coaxial cable or connector panel. These bit-rates are sufficient for uncompressed 1080p video at 50 or 60 frames per second often referred to as 3G HDTV.

The stipulated interface condition (cable & connector) are:
SMPTE 292M - insertion loss 20dB or less at 750MHz - return loss 15dB or less at 1.5GHz.
SMPTE 424M - insertion loss 20dB or less at 1.5GHz - return loss 15dB or less at 1.5GHz and 10dB or less at 3.0GHz.

Usage note:

Conventional WECo patchcords are too large in diameter to be connected to this jackfield. See price lines for the range of suitable accessories.

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