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SIGNET AL14 CABLE 3-pin Male XLR to 3.5mm jack

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  • AL14
SIGNET AL14 CABLE 3-pin Male XLR to 3.5mm jack


SigNET's range of loop testing equipment have been designed to allow AFILS installers and service engineers to correctly set up and test induction loop systems.

RXTI2 - Loop listener

Although the RXti2 was initially designed to be used with headphones as an induction loop receiver where hearing devices aren't compatible, it has become a cost effective way of testing the system is live where the more technical FPROK1 isn't accessible without an engineer.

On-board filters reduce the amount of mains hum and other background noise to give the user a more pleasurable experience, whilst a rotary on/off and volume control with soft start gives the user full control over their audible level. A 3.5mm jack socket provides an output for headphones with impedance 'no greater than 32 ohms'. The device 'will not function properly with 600 ohm hi-fi type headphones'.

Dimensions (w x h x d): 60 x 113 x 25mm. Power requirement: 2x AAA batteries

FPROSG - Signal generator

The FPROSG is an audio signal generator designed to work with the PDA range of AFILS loop systems. It has two soft-touch buttons and a LCD screen with 50mm diagonal viewing area. The intuitive menu gives the engineer options to generate signals to test the field strength, frequency response, and metal compensation. Both voice and music signals can also be produced so that loop-listening can be accomplished.

A single 9V, PP3 style, non-rechargeable battery is required to power the FPROSG for up to 12 hours. The AL3 cable -3.5mm jack to 'bare end' - is required if using with the PDA102 range of systems, and the AL14 cable - 3.5mm jack to 3-pin male XLR - is required if using with the PDA PRO range of systems.

Dimensions (w x h x d): 79 x 117 x 18.5mm. Weight: 145g.

FPROK1 - Loop test kit

The FPROK1 is a complete kit for engineers who wish to test an audio frequency induction loop system (AFILS) in accordance with EN 60118-4 - magnetic field strength in AFILS. The kit comprises of 1x FPROSG signal generator, 1x FPRO Fosmeter Pro meter, 2x protective pouches, 1x 32ohm headphones for FPRO, and 2x 9V batteries.

Using this kit, an engineer can test magnetic field strength, frequency response, background noise, and metal compensation to a calibrated EN 60118-4 level. An intuitive menu and test result screen give a definitive indication of the AFILS performance, and therefore the data required to record on the included AFILS Test Certificate.

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SIGNET RXTI2 LOOP LISTENER Hearing loop listener, rotary volume control Stock code: 93-8241
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SIGNET FPROSG SIG-GEN SIGNAL GENERATOR For induction loops, requires AL3 or AL14 Stock code: 93-8242
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SIGNET FPROK1 FOSMETER PRO KIT Includes FPROSG signal generator, FPRO Fosmeter Pro, and headphones Stock code: 93-8243
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SIGNET AL3 CABLE, 3.5mm Jack to bare ends Stock code: 93-8244
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SIGNET AL14 CABLE 3-pin Male XLR to 3.5mm jack Stock code: 93-8245
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