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RTS TW is a "two-wire" or, as it is sometimes known, "party-line" system which enables a number of people to take part in the same conversation. Each participant will be able to hear all other participants on the same channel while being able to talk to them simultaneously, so a full "duplex" conversation can take place - like a telephone system.

RTS TW wired intercom differs from TECPRO, and other similar systems in its ability to pass two separate channels down a standard microphone cable, where virtually all other systems can pass only one. This results in fewer cable runs and no need for special multicore cables which may not always be available.
While excellent simple systems can be produced using RTS TW, it is eminently suited to complex productions where other systems cannot match its flexibility. The advanced facilities offered have lead to it being used extensively in the live performance, theatre and broadcast markets where it is widely viewed as the market leader.
A minimum of two user stations and a power supply is required for a basic communications system which may be expanded to 50 stations or more. Interconnection can radiate out from a central point or stations may be looped from one to another. A combination of both methods is often used.
The use of low-noise amplifiers combined with high intelligibility minimises listener fatigue over long periods. Powerful headphone amplifiers help combat noisy environments

Technical note

The TW system power supply provides 32V, DC to power user stations that do not draw their power from the AC mains supply. It also sets the necessary impedance (200 ohms) for the audio signal. DC power is carried to the user stations along the same pair of conductors that carry the audio and call-light information.