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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). These have a 12 month limited warranty (we may refund the purchase price in the event of failure rather than repair). All other products in the list carry a normal product warranty.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Bulk cable is priced per metre unless stated otherwise. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price Add to basket
EXTRUDED BOX BEZEL Green Stock code: 16-095 987 £1.50£0.50each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP E Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-090 1,320 £0.50£0.01each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP G Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-091 247 £0.10£0.01each
PINTA SONEX BARRIER 65/125 S35SV White/grey (Pack of 17) Stock code: 98-626 1 £360.00each
PINTA SONEX BARRIER 65/125 S35SV White/grey (Pack of 20) Stock code: 98-700 1 £425.00each
CANFORD ILLUMINATED SIGN White cover, Unprinted Stock code: 51-490 42 £16.00£1.00each
CANFORD LED SIGNAL LIGHT Black plate, white LED Stock code: 51-319 5 £96.00£65.00each
CANFORD CUE LIGHT LENS Clear Stock code: 51-917 125 £9.00£0.50each
CANFORD SCRIPT LIGHT Fluorescent 1200mm, black 50Hz, dimmable low voltage control (exdemo/scratched) Stock code: 98-474 1 £95.00each
LITTLITE LTE12W S2-T Miniature desktop PSU Stock code: 98-9644 8 £5.00each
LITTLITE STOWLITE GOOSENECK LAMP 6inch, cigarette plug connector, black Stock code: 51-6867 5 £19.70£8.00each
KNOWLES MINIATURE ELECTRET MIC EK 3132 C36 (NEW) Stock code: 98-503 16 £5.00each
B-TECH BT7035 Accessory collar, 35mm, silver Stock code: 18-474 6 £6.00£2.50each
DOUGHTY SWIVEL COUPLER Stock code: 18-274 3 £49.06£25.00each
DOUGHTY 90 DEGREE COUPLER Stock code: 18-276 2 £50.19£25.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 12 Volt with right-angle plug Stock code: 23-929 11 £27.50£10.00each
FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 24 Volt, UK Stock code: 23-974 26 £11.68£2.50each
FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 6 Volt, UK Stock code: 23-971 1 £11.68£2.50each
CLAIRTRONICS 5071 PCB MOUNT MAINS TXF 115V+115V/9V+9V, 9VA low profile (new) Stock code: 98-263 80 £2.50each
AONE CDR 52x, white full face printable, cellwrapped (pack of 25) Stock code: 98-024 3 £1.25each
CANFORD DAT18 Stock code: 82-201 1 £2.80£0.50each
RODE DEADCAT VMPR MICROPHONE COVER High-wind, for Videomic Pro microphone Stock code: 74-212 7 £29.17£25.00each
MicW CB012 SPLITTER CABLE For headphones and iSeries microphone Stock code: 74-6882 1 £8.56£5.00each
MicW CB013 ADAPTER CABLE For iSeries microphone, 4-pole socket to 3.5mm 3-pole jack Stock code: 74-6883 10 £9.51£5.00each
MicW CL013 MICROPHONE CLIP Collar or lapel, for i436, i456, i266 microphone Stock code: 74-6885 4 £4.76£2.50each
MicW CL018 MICROPHONE CLIP Collar or lapel, for i825, i855 microphone Stock code: 74-6886 1 £4.76£2.50each
MicW SA011 SPLITTER ADAPTER For headphones and iSeries microphone, moulded, inline mic connection Stock code: 74-6891 4 £14.27£2.50each
SENNHEISER 503803 SKP2000XP BK AW (Ch26-Ch31 516-558MHz) plugon transmitter, 48V phantom power (new) Stock code: 98-9716 2 £245.00per metre
SENNHEISER NT 20-1-EU Power supply unit Stock code: 98-9653 5 £40.00each
TRANTEC S3500LM Lapel radiomic system with TS259 mic (ex demo/ scratched) Stock code: 98-103 2 £125.00each
TRANTEC S4.5LM wireless system (ex demo) Stock code: 98-398 1 £50.00each
TRANTEC S4.5LM wireless system (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-405 1 £50.00each
TRANTEC SPARE EARBUD TIPS, Foam (pack of 10) Stock code: 74-5671 1 £11.28£1.00per pack
DPA DMM0002-W MICROPHONE MOUNT Double pin clip for DPA miniature microphone, white Stock code: 74-143 3 £19.99£15.00each
SHURE PS24EU, 12DC switched mode PSU with Euro plug for SLX4 radiomic receiver (NEW) Stock code: 98-9525 4 £5.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES WS400/700 WINDSCREEN With acoustic capsule cover, for VT401 and VT700, black Stock code: 74-4911 1 £20.73£10.00each
CANFORD TCM141 LAVALIER MICROPHONE Stock code: 92-696 76 £17.28£3.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT800 HEADWORN MICROPHONE Cardioid, beige, in black plastic case Stock code: 74-4851 1 £388.60£175.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT910DC EARWORN MICROPHONE Earhanger style, omnidirectional, beige, in clear box Stock code: 74-4854 1 £164.00£95.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT701 EAR/NECKBAND For VT701, beige Stock code: 74-4944 2 £42.22£10.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES WS800H WINDSCREEN For VT800, beige Stock code: 74-4949 4 £5.18£2.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT702 HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, fitted with 3.5mm locking jack plug (74-4846) Stock code: 98-076 1 £95.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT702 HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, leather pouch (74-4846) (NEW) Stock code: 98-063 1 £95.00each
AUDIO TECHNICA AT804 MICROPHONE ENG, interview, omni dynamic (NEW - No Mic Clamp)) Stock code: 98-043 2 £45.00each
AUDIO TECHNICA ATM33a - Body only - No Accs - Ex Test unit Stock code: 98-050 3 £95.00each
COUNTRYMAN RPM320 SPARE Black replacement windscreens for WCE6B/B6B Stock code: 74-6987 2 £41.10£20.00each
SHURE MX396/C-TRI MICROPHONE Tri-Element, cardioid, programmable switch and LED, black Stock code: 74-6337 1 £570.00£315.00each
CANFORD GLASS-FIBRE FISHPOLE Replacement stud Stock code: 53-619 5 £4.48£0.50each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE 250P Satin nickel Stock code: 53-081 21 £70.33£15.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE C125PB Stock code: 53-161 2 £62.18£25.00each
SANKEN COS-11D PT Lavalier Microphone, black Stock code: 98-9651 1 £245.00each
AUDIO-TECHNICA U853AW MICROPHONE Hanging, cardioid condenser, phantom/battery, LF filter, white Stock code: 92-716 2 £260.00£165.00each
SHURE G18-CN GOOSENECK 18 Stock code: 53-5697 1 £29.00£22.00each
THREAD ADAPTER 500M26-312F Stock code: 53-225 2,029 £0.95£0.10each
CANFORD MIC CLAMP Flexible, 28mm-33mm Stock code: 53-197 416 £7.95£1.00each
CANFORD MIC CLAMP Flexible, 34mm-40mm Stock code: 53-198 585 £8.30£1.00each
K&M SPARE FOLDING LEG Stock code: 53-720 1 £1.73£0.50each
K&M 6-20000-1-55 SPARE SHOCK ABSORBING LEG ASSEMBLY Stock code: 53-734 2 £17.65£1.00each
K&M 6-86730-1-55 SPARE RIBBED PLASTIC LOCKING SPACER Stock code: 98-9641 6 £0.50each
K&M 6-86731-1-55 SPARE BASE PLASTIC INSERT Stock code: 53-779 2 £1.55£0.30each
K&M 6-86731-1-55 SPARE PLASTIC LOCKING SPACER Stock code: 98-9642 6 £0.50each
K&M 01-05-105-00 SPARE REINFORCING SLEEVE Stock code: 98-9635 2 £1.00each
K&M 01-89-710-55 SPARE FINGER GUARD Stock code: 98-9636 2 £10.00each
K&M 02-41-690-87 SPARE LEVER Stock code: 98-9637 1 £0.50each
K&M 03-14-150-29 SPARE CAP NUT Stock code: 98-9638 2 £0.50each
K&M 03-15-140-00 SPARE COMPRESSION SPRING Stock code: 98-9639 2 £0.50each
KLOVER KM-09 MIK 09 PARABOLIC REFLECTOR 9-inch diameter, up to 50ft range Stock code: 53-3903 1 £333.00£195.00each
K&M 23751 FISHPOLE CARRYING BAG 635mm Stock code: 53-378 94 £5.87£1.00each
RYCOTE 037304 SOFTIE CCA ADAPTER ONLY Camera or boom, not including Lyre mount Stock code: 74-757 3 £18.00£15.00each
RYCOTE 033201 MICROPHONE WINDSHIELD Super-Softie, front only, 19-22mm hole, covers 120mm length Stock code: 74-7591 1 £90.00£70.00each
RYCOTE 033204 MICROPHONE WINDSHIELD Super-Softie, front only, 24-25mm hole, covers 180mm length Stock code: 74-7594 1 £90.00£45.00each
RYCOTE 033371 24CM SH SOFTIE Front only Stock code: 98-9675 2 £10.00each
RYCOTE SOFTIE Front only, 24-25mm hole, long, short hair Stock code: 98-9659 5 £10.00each
RYCOTE SOFTIE Front only, 24-25mm hole,12cm internal length, short hair Stock code: 98-9670 2 £10.00each
MICROPHONE FLAG Triangular,spare foam block, 33mm hole Stock code: 53-999 94 £1.20£0.05each
CANFORD DMH85 HEADPHONES Stock code: 54-085 2 £23.00£15.00each
CANFORD DMH85 HEADPHONES with REAN NYS228 Jack Plug Stock code: 98-204 17 £15.00each
PELTOR 4F Replacement Visor For V4F Multi Visor System (pack of 10) Stock code: 98-9528 1 £1.00each
PELTOR MT7H79P3E HEADSET (NEW) Stock code: 98-9523 1 £75.00each
PELTOR HEADBANDS for MTH79 (NEW) Stock code: 98-719 1 £1.00each
BEYERDYNAMIC DT 294 80 ohms (ex-demo) Stock code: 98-065 1 £95.00each
BEYERDYNAMIC 716871 Gaming headset Stock code: 98-9628 1 £115.00each
SENNHEISER SPARE CABLE 37974BS For HD480 headphones, dual sided, wired stereo, B-gauge plug, 3m Stock code: 54-187 1 £52.00£35.00each
SENNHEISER 069427 SPARE CABLE For HD480 headphones, double sided, 3.5mm jack plug, heavy duty, 3m Stock code: 54-069 557 £33.60£16.00each
SHURE BCAEC440 EAR PADS Spare, for BRH440M, BRH441M headset Stock code: 54-5836 1 £17.00£10.00each
BEYERDYNAMIC SPARE FOAM INFILL For DT100 headphone, DT108, DT109 headset Stock code: 54-804 1,208 £0.62£0.40each
BEYERDYNAMIC SPARE KNURLED LOCKING RING For DT108, DT109 headset, black Stock code: 54-792 3 £1.67£0.05each
BEYERDYNAMIC SPARE INSERT Clearance taper bush for DT108, DT109 headset Stock code: 54-837 3 £0.24£0.04each
BEYERDYNAMIC 983539 SPARE ROCKER for DT770Pro Stock code: 98-9629 1 £1.00each
CANFORD SPARE RAW STEEL BOW For SMH310 headset Stock code: 27-030 17 £30.75£2.50each
SENNHEISER SKM1030-7 BU 17way Tourguide System (ex hire stock) Stock code: 98-484 1 £200.00each
CANFORD LEVEL LIMITED HEADPHONES HD480 93dBA, wired stereo, with A-gauge plug (ex-demo) Stock code: 98-030 1 £75.00per metre
LIMITEAR HDMpro limiter and cable assembly (for Sennheiser 502188 HD25-1-II 70 ohm headphones) Stock code: 54-4771 1 £193.90£50.00each
CLOCKAUDIO AH3000 Active ear-defenders with 75dB attenuation Stock code: 98-9502 6 £45.00each
MUXLAB 500000 Single channel video balun Stock code: 28-7000 1 £14.67£5.00each
MUXLAB 500054 COMPONENT VIDEO/IR PASS-THRU BALUN 3x male RCA, RJ45, terminal screws, male Stock code: 28-7054 2 £61.37£38.00each
YELLOWTEC YT5051 MH MICROPHONE CAPSULE For IXM recorder, Yellowtec cardioid, dynamic Stock code: 79-2325 2 £130.00£75.00each
YELLOWTEC YT5061 MH MICROPHONE CAPSULE For IXM recorder, Yellowtec s-cardioid, dynamic Stock code: 79-2326 2 £130.00£75.00each
ROLAND ARC-15 CABLE Sync, for AR-3000R and AR-200R recorders Stock code: 79-2355 3 £26.53£0.50each
TASCAM CD-500 CD PLAYER RCA, SP/DIF, RS232, 1U rackmount Stock code: 93-4247 2 £395.10£325.00each