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CLOUD PM8 PAGING MICROPHONE Console, gooseneck, 8x zone, digital

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  • PM8
CLOUD PM8 PAGING MICROPHONE Console, gooseneck, 8x zone, digital

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These desktop paging stations are wired using standard CAT5 connections and may be linked together to form a network with a large number of stations, controlling multiple zones. Interfacing to mixers or mixer-amplifiers can use ‘standard’ signalling, or use Cloud’s proprietary connection. The system uses analogue audio and digital control and interlocking.

Each model has a gooseneck microphone with cardioid capsule and integrated compressor. Each has a number of electronically latching zone selection buttons, depending on model, and momentary buttons for talk, call-all and to clear the current selection. Each has four ‘group select’ buttons to select pre-assigned groups of zones which then may be called by pressing the talk button. A ‘busy’ indicator shows when the system is in use. An internal ceramic sounder provides local monitoring of chimes, if configured, to avoid talking ‘over’ the chime.

Up to 32 paging microphones may be looped together using RJ45 connectors and CAT5 cable to carry access data and audio. Up to 16 zones are supported by the system. It is possible to create a system with a total cable length of up to 1000 metres.

To maintain compatibility with existing and third party equipment the paging microphone can generate industry standard ‘Short to ground’ access.” The interface has sixteen-zone connections and a screw terminal output to the amplification equipment.

Configuration is set using internal jumpers, with the exception of zone barring and programming groups. Display set: The zones addressed by a paging can be shifted to any block in the sixteen available zones. For example, in a system with two PM4s, the first paging microphone can page zones 1 to 4, the second can be set to page zones 2 to 5. Auto-reset: With auto reset enabled, the display is cleared after a call, with auto reset not enabled the zone selection is retained after a call. Lock group: This prevents the group buttons being reprogrammed. Priority: There are two priorities, normal and high. A high priority paging microphone can interrupt paging from a normal priority paging microphone. NVM reset: Returns the paging microphone to factory settings. Chime select: Chooses one of the four chime tones. Chime on/off: Enables or disables chime. Internal chime: Enables or disables the internal chime sounder. Zone barring: Disables a zone button on an individual paging microphone. The four group buttons allow paging groups to be programmed into each paging microphone.

Power source: 9-17V AC or 12-24V DC, connected via a 2.1mm coaxial power socket.

Technical Specification:

Optional accessories: Each microphone station requires a power supply either from host equipment (one unit powered per host) or accessory power supplies (see user manual for further details on restrictions). Plug-top power supply 23-973 have 2.1mm coaxial connections for DC output and has a UK connector.

Ordering note:

The models have four, eight, twelve and sixteen zone buttons, PM4, PM8, PM12 and PM16 respectively. All models are now fitted with an interface to allow it’s use as a gateway between equipment with and without Cloud’s proprietary CAT5 interface system.

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