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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). All carry a normal product warranty.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price  
CANFORD ES9823035/B-T VENTILATED SHELF For ES262, ES296 rack, 350 deep, black, scratched Stock code: 98-004 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES9823035/G-T VENTILATED SHELF For ES262, ES296 rack, 350 deep, grey (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-690 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES9823120/B-L RACK SHELF Modem style, 1U, 200 deep, black (ex demo) Stock code: 98-471 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES9823240/B-CW RACK SHELF Modem style, 2U, 400 deep, black(ex demo) Stock code: 98-502 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES9823380/B-T RACK SHELF Fixed, adjustable, 350mm deep, black Stock code: 15-2439 8 £38.25£5.00each
CANFORD ES9823380/G-T ADJUSTABLE FIXED SHELF 350mm, grey Stock code: 15-2239 1 £17.00£5.00each
K&M 28200 FIXED 19 INCH RACK TROLLEY (ex demo) Stock code: 98-487 1 £50.00each
K&M 28201 METAL SIDE PANELS FOR FIXED 19 INCH RACK TROLLEY (pair) (ex demo) Stock code: 98-905 1 £15.00each
CANFORD V-FRAME WALL RACK BRACKET, 4U, black (ex demo/slight scratches) Stock code: 98-801 1 £10.00each
CANFORD RACKBOX 6U, 100mm deep, dark grey (EX DEMO, BADLY SCRATCHED) Stock code: 98-507 1 £15.00each
CANFORD RACKBOX 2U, 100mm deep, black (ex demo) Stock code: 98-429 1 £15.00each
CANFORD ES3830201/G BLANKING PANEL 1U, style B, steel, grey Stock code: 15-2492 7 £4.80£2.00each
CANFORD ES3830202/B BLANKING PANEL 2U, style B, steel, black Stock code: 15-2493 1 £6.93£4.00each
CANFORD ES3830202/G BLANKING PANEL 2U, style B, steel, grey Stock code: 15-2494 10 £6.93£3.00each
CANFORD ES3830203/G BLANKING PANEL 3U, steel, grey Stock code: 15-2496 1 £8.89£1.00each
CANFORD ES7901137/B-T RACK CABLE TRAY 37U, 300mm, black Stock code: 15-940 2 £37.93£10.00each
CANFORD ES7901137/G-T RACK CABLE TRAY 37U, 300mm, grey Stock code: 15-2480 8 £32.51£3.00each
CANFORD ES7901147/G-T RACK CABLE TRAY 47U, 300mm, grey Stock code: 15-2490 1 £38.43£5.00each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP H Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-092 504 £0.10£0.01each
CANFORD CABLE TRAY 16U, 300mm, zinc plated Stock code: 12-7311 8 £18.97£10.00each
CANFORD RACKFRAME Universal equipment mounting frame kit 2U, black (ex demo) Stock code: 98-435 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES1830303/B-T FRONT-MOUNT FAN TRAY 3 fans, black(EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-529 1 £5.00each
CANFORD ES1830304/G-T FRONT-MOUNT FAN TRAY 4 fans, grey (ex demo/chipped paint on rackmount) Stock code: 98-614 1 £5.00each
RACK FAN 3 fans (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-618 2 £5.00each
EXTRUDED BOX BEZEL Orange Stock code: 16-093 87 £0.75£0.50each
EXTRUDED BOX BEZEL Green Stock code: 16-095 1,054 £1.56£0.60each
EXTRUDED BOX BEZEL Violet Stock code: 16-097 99 £0.75£0.60each
RACKMOUNT BOLTS Button head, hex, nickel, 12mm (pack of 50) Stock code: 16-039 147 £5.45£4.00per pack
M5 FULL NUT Hex, MS, CB (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-045 16 £4.91£2.00per pack
M12 NYLOC NUT Type P. MS, ZCP (pack of 10) Stock code: 14-088 90 £1.04£0.25per pack
M8 BOLT Hex, MS, ZCP, 40mm (pack of 25) Stock code: 14-415 12 £3.93£1.00per pack
M10 PLAIN WASHER Fibre, red (pack of 10) Stock code: 14-747 380 £0.40£0.05per pack
M5 SHAKEPROOF WASHER MS, CB (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-774 38 £4.75£1.00per pack
UNC1/4 SHAKEPROOF WASHER MS, ZBP (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-776 5 £1.87£0.50per pack
UNC6-32 SLOTTED SCREW Fillister, MS, ZCP, 8mm (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-973 16 £6.45£2.00per pack
M6 SINGLE COIL SPRING WASHER, MS, CB (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-957 4 £4.67£1.75per pack
M3 SLOTTED SCREW Cheese, nylon, 10mm (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-991 115 £4.69£2.00per pack
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP B Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-085 1,539 £0.10£0.05each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP C Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-086 4,663 £0.10£0.05each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP D Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-095 1,026 £0.50£0.05each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP E Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-090 1,780 £0.50£0.05each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP G Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-091 276 £0.10£0.05each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP F (1.4m x 13.0mm) Stock code: 45-078 30 £5.00£2.00each
CANFORD ILLUMINATED SIGN White cover, Unprinted Stock code: 51-490 85 £16.00£1.00each
CANFORD CUE LIGHT LENS Clear Stock code: 51-917 138 £9.00£0.75each
CANFORD SCRIPT LIGHT Fluorescent, 600mm, black, 50/60Hz (ex demo) Stock code: 98-075 1 £175.00each
LITTLITE BA POWER LEAD BNC to 2.1mm coaxial connector Stock code: 51-6876 1 £14.33£6.00each
LITTLITE CP-2 6 POWER LEAD 12V Cigarette plug to 2.1mm coaxial connector Stock code: 51-6877 2 £6.08£2.00each
CANFORD RADIO-CONTROLLED DESK CLOCK MSF Stock code: 58-577 39 £53.67£45.00each
K&M BASE FOR 26740 STAND (used on Cathedral stand) (ex demo/chipped) Stock code: 98-293 1 £5.00each
K&M 24100.000.55 WALL BRACKET (old style 53-353) Stock code: 98-047 1 £5.00each
OMNIMOUNT RSF Rack Cabinet Stock code: 98-178 1 £5.00each
OMNIMOUNT Single Ceiling Mount with Universal Adapter Stock code: 98-180 1 £5.00each
OMNIMOUNT Viking Series Black Audio Video Floor Half-Rack System - RSF.5 Stock code: 98-179 1 £5.00each
OMNIMOUNT 75/100 CL FLAT SCREEN MOUNT Wall, VESA 75, 100, dual arm, tilt, pan, swivel, S, grey Stock code: 18-711 4 £25.53£15.00each
B-TECH BTV502 (NEW) Stock code: 98-9555 1 £10.00each
AONE CDR 52x, white full face printable, cellwrapped (pack of 25) Stock code: 98-024 6 £1.50each
CANFORD DAT18 Stock code: 82-201 1 £2.80£2.00each
GP CR2430 BATTERY 24.5d x 3.0mm, lithium cell, 3V Stock code: 59-078 15 £1.35£0.90each
FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 6 Volt, UK Stock code: 23-971 1 £11.68£9.00each
FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 24 Volt, UK Stock code: 23-974 33 £11.68£9.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 6VA 9 Volt Stock code: 23-952 1 £13.28£11.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 6VA 15 Volt Stock code: 23-954 2 £13.28£11.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 12 Volt Stock code: 23-923 7 £35.99£28.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 15 Volt Stock code: 23-924 1 £28.00£5.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 24 Volt Stock code: 23-925 1 £28.00£25.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 12 Volt with right-angle plug Stock code: 23-929 25 £27.50£22.50each
Powerpax Plig in PSU 4.8VA 12V 1.0A (NEW) Stock code: 98-511 1 £1.00each
CLAIRTRONICS 5071 PCB MOUNT MAINS TXF 115V+115V/9V+9V, 9VA low profile (new) Stock code: 98-263 80 £7.20each
AUDIO TECHNICA AT8004 MICROPHONE ENG, interview, omni dynamic & 3FXX-3MXX-HST-1m, Black (ex demo) Stock code: 98-458 1 £50.00each
Audio Technica boom arm, one section, 800mm, With T-Bar, mic clip (5/8'' thread). Ex-demo scratched Stock code: 98-012 1 £10.00each
KNOWLES MINIATURE ELECTRET MIC EK 3132 C36 (NEW) Stock code: 98-503 16 £8.00each
BOYA BY-LM20 Lavalier Microphone for GoPro Stock code: 98-9569 1 £10.00each
BOYA BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone Stock code: 98-9568 1 £10.00each
BOYA BY-VM01 Directional Video Condenser Microphone Stock code: 98-9567 1 £10.00each
HOLOPHONE CABLE For Portamic Pro microphone, TA6 minature XLR to 2x XLR Stock code: 74-6174 1 £61.15£5.00each
SONY SAD-S88B MICROPHONE CLIP For 1x ECM-88 series, safety-pin style, horizontal, black Stock code: 91-950 1 £38.50£29.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES DAC DUAL CROCODILE STYLE CLIP For VT500 and VT506, black Stock code: 74-4928 1 £25.03£13.50each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES WS400/700 WINDSCREEN With acoustic capsule cover For VT401 and VT700, beige Stock code: 74-4912 3 £20.02£10.00each
CANFORD TCM141 LAVALIER MICROPHONE Stock code: 92-696 128 £18.66£5.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT800H HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, in black plastic case Stock code: 74-4851 1 £375.40£175.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT800H HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, without case Stock code: 74-4853 1 £348.70£150.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT701 EAR/NECKBAND For VT701, beige Stock code: 74-4944 3 £42.22£25.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT702 HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, fitted with 3.5mm locking jack plug (74-4846) Stock code: 98-076 1 £125.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES VT702 HEADWORN MICROPHONE Beige, leather pouch (74-4846) (NEW) Stock code: 98-063 1 £125.00each
VOICE TECHNOLOGIES WS800H WINDSCREEN For VT800, beige Stock code: 74-4949 6 £5.00£3.00each
SHURE BETA 54 MICROPHONE Headworn, condenser, supercardioid, XLR connector, black Stock code: 74-6242 5 £320.80£225.00each
SENNHEISER ME35 Condenser Microphone (NEW) Stock code: 98-9520 2 £50.00each
SENNHEISER 503155 ME MKII MICROPHONE Headworn, electret, cardioid, jack for eW G3 Tx (74-4451) (NEW) Stock code: 98-036 2 £45.00each
COUNTRYMAN ISOMAX HH-U Headset mic, hypercardioid Stock code: 91-313 1 £146.30£95.00each
COUNTRYMAN RPM320 SPARE Black replacement windscreens for WCE6B/B6B Stock code: 74-6987 3 £41.10£25.00each
Røde WS9 Deluxe windshield for VideoMicro and VideoMic Me.(NEW) Stock code: 98-450 4 £10.00each
SHURE MX396/C-TRI MICROPHONE Tri-Element, cardioid, programmable switch and LED, black Stock code: 74-6337 1 £570.00£325.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE C125PB Stock code: 53-161 2 £63.20£35.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE C175PB Stock code: 53-162 6 £63.53£35.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE C225PB Stock code: 53-163 1 £65.68£35.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE 250P Satin nickel Stock code: 53-081 25 £70.33£15.00each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE 400PB Black Stock code: 53-191 2 £67.62£45.00each
MicW BM100 MINI BOOM 2 section, 1 metre maximum Stock code: 74-6878 1 £23.80£17.50each
MicW CB030S EXTENSION CABLE For iSeries microphone, 4-pole socket to plug, 3 metre Stock code: 74-6884 4 £19.04£10.00each