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DACS delight at Chester University with a little help from Canford

Digital Audio and Computer Systems Ltd, otherwise known as DACS provide a broad range of high-end audio expertise. Based in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear DACS provide Acoustic Design, System Integration and also manufacture a distinctive range of professional audio equipment.

In addition, DACS are renowned for their work in the hospitality sector. Specifically with Sound System Design, Room Acoustics & Environmental Surveys to resolve complaints, satisfy planning conditions and ensure compliance with Noise at Work regulations.

DACS have designed and built studio spaces for commercial facilities, universities, colleges, schools and academies, where the team draw on their experience to produce the best music creation environments. Established in 1987, DACS have acquired an enviable roll-call of past projects which includes new studios for leading singer-songwriters, composers and music producers such as Kamille and Nicholas Lloyd Webber. 

More recently the team completed an exciting recording studio installation at Chester University.

Douglas Doherty, DACS Managing Director explains: “We've worked all over the country from Aberdeen to Falmouth. Over the years we have designed and built studio spaces where creativity and productivity are fundamental. Quite a bit of our work has been in educational environments, working within budget and creating the best acoustic performance possible, and hopefully inspiring environments for the next generation to make music. It is a big responsibility.

At Chester University’s Creative Campus for Music Media and Performance Department, our brief was to excite students when they walked in the rooms. We had to create a Control Room for up to 30 students for lectures, with a live room intended for up to 10 performers. As well as making it sound great, the biggest technical challenge was to achieve isolation with limited mass due to the load bearing capability of the floor. When the enthusiastic drummer in the Live Room was silent in the Control Room, I knew we'd succeeded!”

DACS utilised Canford FSJ individually jacketed multipair cable throughout the project along with Canford manufactured connection panels.

Douglas added: “I prefer Canford Universal Connection Panel Kits (45-3351) for a number of reasons, not just for the economy! First they are black, secondly I find the cable management is much better than a tie bar, thirdly they allow a mix of connectors, fourthly they come with the nuts and bolts you need, and finally the legend strip is really easy to fit and a good size and it is a template in Patchcad Pro so easy to put in legend”.

Stephen Gallagher, Canford Marketing Manager asked Douglas if he could remember when he first became a Canford customer, and what it was that he bought.

Douglas Doherty

 "I've been a Canford customer since the 1980's. The first things I bought were cable from
when you were based in Stargate Lane in Ryton - such a great address; always a disappointment to me that you moved!!

The first things I bought were multicore cable and XLRs for wiring the studio in the
Music Department at the University of Newcastle".


Interestingly, against the difficult backdrop of COVID-19 and the devastating effect the pandemic has had on the Live Events and Entertainments sectors, DACS hospitality installations have remained busy throughout. The team are currently working on a very high spec hotel/restaurant on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, a new Pleased to Meet You coffee/tea shop/bar/restaurant in Morpeth and a really interesting outdoor venue in Seaton Delaval called The Secret Garden, all involving DACS acoustic expertise and sound system work.

DACS Studio InstallationDACS installed recording studio at Chester University     
“Canford Sales are knowledgeable AND know when they need to refer a question to Technical, who have never let me down when I’ve needed an answer or advice. When I place orders the sales team are always really helpful and obliging and quick to respond, especially if there are any issues with an order. The Customer Service dealing with returns etc are all that the sales team are – helpful, obliging and quick to respond. Overall, our 30 years of working with Canford has to say something about how good they are at working with and supporting customers.” Douglas Doherty - DACS


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