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For audio distribution at sporting events, press-conferences and any event, with AC power available or not, where multiple isolated feeds are required to feed the assembled media. Two models are offered; one active, offering mixing facilities, and one passive. Distributed systems can be built with up to 300 outlets fed from a single Press Bridge unit and additional Press Train units.

Press Bridge

Housed in a waterproof Peli 1400 case for ease of use and shipment, the Press Bridge can be conveniently closed, locked and carried using the integral handle, gasket sealed lid and lockable eyelets. The top panel has two microphone-level and one line-level XLR inputs. Each has a gain control. Twelve male XLR connectors provide transformer-isolated audio feeds at microphone level. An LED bar-graph meter showing peak readings and tone generator provide level monitoring and reference tone for line up. The power switch has an LED to indicate power status. Three, parallel-wired, XLR male, line-level outputs are mounted to the side, for the addition of external Press-Train units. Up to 24 Press Trains can be driven from one Press Bridge for an additional 288 outputs (300 outputs total including the Press Bridge). Alternatively, by connecting additional Press Bridge units to these outlets, much larger systems may be deployed.
The unit can be powered for more than 8 hours from four alkaline, PP3 9 volt batteries, or may be powered from an external supply. The power inlet is a 2.1mm coaxial DC connector, positive pin.

Input level: -60dBu microphone, +4dBu line. Output level: -40dBu, microphone. Level drop due to shorted circuited outputs: 0.2dB with one shorted output, 1dB with five shorted outputs. Power source: Four internal PP3 batteries or external supply, 12V DC, 100mA. The supply is regulated and filtered internally. Dimensions: 339 x 300 x 152 (w x h x d) mm. Weight: 2.7kg.

Included accessories: Manual.
Optional accessories: Satellite ‘Press Train’ output modules to provide additional capacity and reduce the number of long cables to the various areas of a large event. Plug-top power supply 23-972 offers 9-12V DC, 300mA, and has a UK connector.

Press Train

For use as a stand-alone splitter or in conjunction with the Press Bridge, this passive device has twelve, balanced, transformer-isolated XLR outputs on the front panel, each with an isolated ground connection. Housed in a a waterproof Peli 1120 case for ease of use and shipment, the Press Bridge can be conveniently closed, locked and carried using the integral handle, gasket sealed lid and lockable eyelets. The input is a female XLR, transformer-balanced, accepting a +4dBm input from a mixer or other line-level output. This will result in a -40dBu output on each of the outlets. There are also two male XLR loop-through connections for ease of configuring systems.

Since the input impedance is high, up to eight of these devices can be connected to a mixer or other line output, 600ohms source impedance or less, without ‘excessive loading or distortion’, resulting in up to 96 outputs from a single source. The total capability of one Press bridge and 24 Press Trains would be 300 outlets. Alternatively, Press Trains can be placed carefully to serve a group of users, optimising cable-run lengths, so that fewer long runs are required. Press Trains may be placed up to 150 metres from the Press Bridge, using standard microphone cables.

Input: +4dBm nominal, 12k ohms. Output: -40dBu, 150 ohms. Power: None. Dimensions: 206 x 167 x 90 (w x h x d) mm. Weight: 1kg.

Included accessories: Manual.

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PSC PRESS BRIDGE CONFERENCE SPLITTER Audio, 2x microphone, 1x line in, 12x XLR out, -40dBu   Stock code: 93-568
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PSC PRESS TRAIN CONFERENCE SPLITTER Audio, passive, line in, 12x XLR out, -40dBu   Stock code: 93-569
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FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 9 Volt, UK   Stock code: 23-972
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