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Press splitters are used to avoid the unsightly clutter that results at events such as press conferences, when every broadcasting organisation present tries to erect a microphone directly in front of the speaker, precisely where the cameramen would rather they did not. The splitter takes a small number of inputs from microphones or the local mixer and distributes the signal to a large number of outputs for use by the media. AudioPressBox offer a comprehensive range of active and passive types in stage box, floor-box, desktop, rack and wall mounting formats as well as portable, cased, splitters and kits.

For a very limited number of broadcasters and journalists it may be possible to provide a set of outputs using multiple microphone splitters. However, this technique quickly increases the load on a microphone to the point where the signal quality is affected. A dedicated conference splitter will reduce clutter, be more reliable and prevent inter-action between the connections made by the different members of the media. Alternative terms for press splitter include 'conference splitter', 'presidential bridge', 'press box', 'multi box' and 'press distribution amplifier'.

CChC Charging Cable

This cable has been designed to charge an APB-116SB from a 12/24V car Cigarette Lighter outlet.

RC 3.5 -1

This cable is intended for use between the mic or mic/line outputs of the splitters and expander units and recording equipment with 3.5mm jack inputs, microphone or line level, regardless of the stereo or mono configuration. The 3-pin female XLR contains electronic circuitry to provide level and impedance matching and DC blocking. The cable is 1.5m long.

RC 3.5 – 8

This cable is an eight-way cable which provides eight channels of the same functionality and is 3 metres long. It consists of an eight pair multipair cable, broken out into eight tails at each end.

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AUDIOPRESSBOX RC 3.5-1 CABLE Female 3-pin XLR to 3.5 mm 3-pole jack with matching, 1.5 metres   Stock code: 93-2145
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AUDIOPRESSBOX RC 3.5-8 CABLE 8-way, 3-pin female XLR to 3.5 mm 3-pole jack, with matching, 3 metres   Stock code: 93-2146
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