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18 June 2024
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CANFORD ES2940922 RACK BAYING KIT For two ES290, ES294 racks

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Model number
  • ES2940922
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The 294 Series was formerly known as the 301 Series.

Specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of today's audio and video installations, the 294 Series are constructed using a welded steel frame. Sides and doors to the front and rear may be removed for access. They are available in a variety of heights, in two widths and two depths.

Cabinets are assembled to order at the factory, and are usually available to short lead times. Standard variants are described here, finished in black. However any variations to these can usually be supplied to special order, including grey finish.

The 'standard' cabinets are supplied with two side panels (locking), plain rear door (locking), vented roof cover (with cable entry at the rear), front and rear mounting-angles (with 'U' height markings), earth-continuity kit and 'shipping' castors. All doors fit flush and are integral within the rack frame, closing with cam locks into slots in the corner post. The shipping-castors must be removed before loading the rack with equipment, since they are not designed to take the weight of installed equipment; the rack may be used free-standing or with optional castors, levelling feet or plinth. Although racks ordered using the 'standard' stock codes listed are supplied with a plain steel rear door, other doors may be ordered to fit the front. Alternatively, to special order, any mixture of side panels, front and rear doors may be specified. Doors are supplied with quick-release hinges and are designed to facilitate either left or right hand hinge.

The 600mm wide versions have 19-inch rack mounting-angles which are attached to front-to-back supports using fasteners through elongated holes, thus the angles can be moved to virtually any position in this plane. Clearance within the rack is sufficient for the majority of the 19-inch rack-mounting equipment available, particularly as the rear mounting-angles may be moved to accommodate rack slides as used on servers. The maximum depth between front and rear mounting-angles is 619mm for the 800mm deep versions and 819mm for the 1000mm. The 294 Series are built to a high specification and are ideal for server applications. Additional server mounting profiles are required to replace the standard mounting angles, these special profiles are 19 inch width at the front and 487.8mm at the rear, which gives maximum width to accommodate the majority of servers. These profiles are available for retro-fitting or may be specified at time of initial ordering.

The 800mm wide cabinets offer similar flexibility, and considerable space for bulk cabling.There are cable-management apertures in the reducing mounting-angles which bridge the gap between the width of the cabinet and the 19-inch mounting-point.


The racks will accept most standard 19-inch accessories and fittings, and a range of matching accessories are also available.


Various doors are available which may be fitted to the front or rear. 'Glass' doors are of the 'picture frame' type and use toughened safety-glass, with a single point swing lock. Glass doors for 800mm wide racks have an increased glass width to improve the appearance. The mesh doors are constructed of a 'picture frame' filled with expanded steel mesh to enhance ventilation.

Fan Trays

Fit in the top of the rack, taking up no rack-mounting space. Trays are fitted with two or four low noise fans, and are supplied wired to a UK 13A plug

Base Covers

Close off the base of the rack. With cable entry port, supplied with removable plate which may be machined by the installer to take cable-glands.


These space the rack off the floor by 100mm, allowing easy cable access into the base of the cabinet. Order one set of plinth corners per rack, and order one plain or vented infill for each side of each rack that must be filled. Height:100mm.

Baying kits

A set of four brackets that are used on the front to back cage nuts channels, so that a number of cabinets can be fixed together side by side to form a bayed suite. Each kit makes a junction between two racks.

Levelling Feet

Nylon feet on 70mm threaded steel studs, to screw in the base of cabinets. Thread: 10mm. Maximum loading per set of four:300kg.

Heavy Duty Castors

Nylon castors, 50mm diameter, twin wheeled, fix to the base of the cabinet with four studs, fixings included. Maximum loading per set of four:300kg.

Fixed Ventilated Shelves

Fix inside the rack mount angles in Enclosure Systems 294 Cabinets. 400mm/600mm sizes fit 600/800 deep types.

Modem Shelves

Mount on front mounting-angles of a rack. 250mm depth have 2U height, 400mm depth have 4U height.

Sliding Shelves

Mount on front and rear mounting-angles. Height 1U.

Chassis Guides

Fix inside the mounting-angles to support heavy equipment.

Server Mounting Profiles

These special profiles are 19 inch width at the front and 487.8mm at the rear, which gives maximum width to accommodate the majority of servers. They replace the standard profiles in the rack.


Internal Internal External External
height (U) height (mm) height(mm) height(mm)
with castors without castors
27U 1200 1411 1366
37U 1644 1855 1810
42U 1866 2077 2032
45U 2000 2211 2165
Fixing centres: 465mm, all models (standard 19 inch)
Maximum depth: 560/760/960mm for 600/800/1000mm deep cabinets respectively
Maximum loading: 270kg
Finish: Black (RAL9005) or Grey (RAL7035) powder coat