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25 July 2024
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EMO CM6 MASTER SWITCHER UNIT Spare 32A cartridge fuse

Stock code
EMO CM6 MASTER SWITCHER UNIT Spare 32A cartridge fuse
EMO CM6 MASTER SWITCHER UNIT Spare 32A cartridge fuse


The EMO sequential mains switcher system protects audio systems from potential harm by powering them up and down sequentially in the correct order. This avoids damage to vulnerable loudspeakers and maintains the integrity of the incoming AC mains supply. Applications include theatre sound, touring systems, recording studios, audio visual, broadcasting systems, night clubs and computer systems.

The CM6 Master Station is the hub of any switcher system and may be used alone or with up to eight CS6 slave switchers to accommodate larger amplification systems. The recently introduced Mk2 version has made setting up and operating the system significantly quicker and easier. Security is also strengthened by increasing the available length of the access code from four digits to six.

As supplied, the power-up (on) sequence is the mirror image of the power down (off) sequence. The delay per step is 10 seconds. A new faster mode can be selected, which, during the power-up sequence, reduces the delay to five seconds per step with the exception of between steps one and two, which remains set at 10 seconds. At power-down, all amplifiers are switched off simultaneously. The mixer and ancillary equipment switches off 40 seconds later ensuring the amplifiers are fully discharged.

During system set-up, it can be useful to instantly power the system up or down. This mode can be accessed by a series of button presses on the keypad. In the unlikely event of a system failure, the recessed ‘override’ switch (present on CM6 and CS6 units) bypasses the timing circuits and turns the mains outlets on instantaneously.

CM6 Master Station

This has a six-digit keypad and two, sequenced, mains outlets - a ten amp feed for the audio mixer and ancillary equipment and a 32 amp feed for the first bank of amplifiers. On entry of the correct security code, the 10A feed is switched on, followed by the 32A feed. If a number of high-power amplifiers are to be switched on, the number of 32A feeds can be increased by adding CS6 slaves (one for each additional 32A outlet required) up to a maximum of eight. Including the Master Station, this gives a total of nine 32A and one 10A switched outlets.

The addition of digital control to the Mk2 CM6 results in speedier operation. Changes to the system can now be programmed through the keypad, avoiding the need to remove the lid to access the internal headers on the PCB.

Programmable changes include the system access code (now 4 to 6-digits in length for increased security), the number of attached CS6 Slaves (between 1 and 8), switch between standard and faster 'Power On/Power Off' modes or implement 'Instant On/Off' mode. If required, these changes may be made from another part of the building using an optional CR6 or CR32 remote keypad.

The front panel has a six-digit keypad. power available neon, 'ON'’ and 'OFF' LEDs. Output 1 and 2 'ON' LEDs and the 'Facility' 13A socket outlet.

On the rear, the mains power inlet and two, switched, power outlets are presented on rail-mounted terminal blocks. A metal cover for the power in/out connectors is available as an accessory (Canford stock code 42-657). A 12-way barrier strip offers eight separate 12V DC connections to control CS6 Slave units. Two connectors provide a link to an external alarm system. When the normally closed contacts are opened during an alarm, it triggers the switcher system to power down in a controlled manner. A second, 10-way, barrier strip is provided for the connection of a remote CR6 or CR32 keypad.

In the event of a fuse failing, the 10A and 32A cartridge fuses are easily accessed from the rear. A third holder contains the 5 amp, one inch, fuse for the 'facility' mains outlet on the front panel. This outlet is permanently powered and is suitable for plugging in a soldering iron or lamp during maintenance. To prevent misuse by unauthorised personnel, the fuse can be removed.

Output 1: 10 amps (1kW audio). Output 2: 32 amps (5kW audio). Power source: 230V AC. Dimensions: 2U rack mounting, 250mm deep.

CS6 Slave Switcher

This is triggered by a 12V DC control voltage from a CM6 Master Station. The CM6 supplies separate control voltages to each CS6 slave in sequence. While voltage is present, the slave units will remain switched on. Removing the voltage (during the power down sequence) will cause them to switch off. In the event of the CM6 master losing mains power, the system automatically defaults to 'Off'.

The front panel has a neon indicator to show power is available, output 'ON' LED and a 'Facility' 13A socket outlet.

The rear panel has rail connectors for power in/out, a barrier-strip control input and an override switch which turns the contactor on.

Output: 32 amps (5kW audio). Power source: 230V AC. Dimensions: 2U rack mounting, 250mm deep.

CR6, CR32 Remote Keypad Panels

These have a six-digit keypad, 'ON' and 'OFF' LED. Connections are by means of screw terminals. They are cabled to the CM6 Master Station using 9-core cable, 0.22mm sq. or greater. The CR6 is rack-mounting, The CR32 fits a standard UK, 2-gang, back-box.

Dimensions: 1U rack mounting, 65mm deep, CR6; 146mm x 86mm CR32.

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