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24 April 2024
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AMPHENOL BAYONET-LOCK OB CONNECTOR 26 pin cable plug, with ring

Stock code
Model number
  • 62GB-56T16-26PN
AMPHENOL BAYONET-LOCK OB CONNECTOR 26 pin cable plug, with ring
AMPHENOL BAYONET-LOCK OB CONNECTOR 26 pin cable plug, with ringAMPHENOL BAYONET-LOCK OB CONNECTOR 26 pin cable plug, with ring


Derived from MIL C 26482 and BS9522 specifications, these 26-pin bayonet-lock connectors are used extensively for outside broadcast multi-channel audio connection. Amphenol are generally regarded as the highest quality manufacturer of this style of connector, and although commanding a price premium, are preferred by all major users. They are suitable for termination to flexible multi-pair and multi-quad cables such as Canford SQM8. A range of rugged breakout stage boxes are also available, fitted with a MIL26 type panel plugs and sockets allowing breakout to male and female XLR connectors.

Connector bodies are aluminium with hard-wearing olive-green plating. Contacts are solder type, gold-plated copper alloy and are fixed in the insulator. Plugs are fitted with male contacts and an easy-grip, coarse-ribbed locking ring (also known as an ‘Arctic nut’). Sockets have female contacts and bayonet pins.

Cable connectors comprise a cable plug or socket plus a special screw-on ferrule that provides cable support and a specially shaped adhesive-lined heat-shrink boot (see Ordering Note).

The panel plug consists of a plug connector with a square mounting flange. The flange is 31.0mm x 31.0mm x 2.9mm thick, with 4 x M3 tapped holes at 24.6mm centres. Panel centre hole required: 24.0mm.

The panel socket flange is 31.0mm x 31.0mm x 1.75mm thick, with 4 x 3mm diameter clearance holes at 24.6mm centres. Panel centre hole required: 24.0mm.

Optional accessories: Moulded PVC splashproof covers, 'gaiters', provide protection for the connectors in use and are available in four colours. These must be fitted onto the cable before the connector is fitted. Flat and angled 2U panels are available, see Tailgate panels. For suitable starquad cable see Canford SQM8, stock code 31-708, and for compatible MIL26 breakout boxes see CANFORD OUTSIDE BROADCAST BREAKOUT STAGEBOXES - MIL26, Tourline 25, Tourline 37, Tourline 54.

Wiring Conventions

There is a UK broadcast industry wiring convention for the termination of SQM8 and SQM7 (BBC PIF28/1) onto MIL26 types (the BBC convention), stock code 02-213; see the linked resources.

Termination Service

A termination service is available for these connectors onto new or free issue cables see Canford Cable Termination. Re-termination can also be undertaken on damaged cables.

Ordering Note:

Please note that when ordering cable connectors, component parts are available separately. i.e. the cable plug or socket MUST be ordered with a separate ferrule (44-858) and adhesive lined heat-shrink sleeve (44-859), to allow the construction of a full cable connector.