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13 June 2024
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The 'Ones' are three-way, coaxial, active monitors, designed to cater for most professional studio environments including smaller studios where space is at a premium, high precision is required, and uneven sound colouration and frequency response need to be combated.

Manufactured using recycled aluminium, each compact monitor has a pair of concealed, oval, low-frequency drivers radiating through slots located on both ends of the enclosure, positioned to be acoustically coaxial with the mid-frequency and high-frequency drivers. This ensures acoustic axes are aligned, resulting in a more accurate point-source radiator. Additionally, using SAM (Smart Active Monitor) technology along with the Genelec GLM3 software application, which may be downloaded without charge, this range of monitors can be calibrated to ensure spectral balance is achieved for accurate listening.

Ordering note: All Genelec 'The Ones' series monitor systems require the Genelec 9300-601 GLM 3.0 Loudspeaker Manager kit for full operation.

The 'Ones' range of monitors is complimented by SAM series sub-bass units. See Genelec Sub-Bass Active Loudspeakers - SAM Series.

8331 SAM

Available in black, dark grey, and white versions, the 8331 active, three-way monitor has dual 130x65mm, oval, low-frequency drivers, 90mm mid-range cone driver coaxial with a 19mm high-frequency metal dome. These drivers are fed by three integrated amplifiers, with 72W dedicated to the LF units, 36W to the MF, and 36W to the HF. A maximum, short-term output of 104dB SPL is complimented by a maximum long-term RMS output of 99dB SPL, and 0dB self-generated noise (at one metre, A-weighted). The 8331 SAM monitor has a frequency response of 45Hz to 37kHz(-6dB) and 58Hz to 20kHz. +/-1.5dB. ISS (Intelligent Signal Sensing) senses when the loudspeaker has not received any audio input for a period of one hour, and switches the loudspeaker into sleep mode, consuming less than 0.5W. When an input signal is detected the monitor resumes normal operation and power consumption.

The front baffle has a green power LED; the IEC power inlet for the AC supply and latching power button are on the rear, along with audio and digital connectivity and switching. Dual seven-stage miniature (DIP) switches on the rear give access to functions such as 'Treble Tilt', to attenuate any frequencies above 5kHz by +2dB, -2dB, or -4dB in order to compensate for excessively bright or dull system setup and 'Bass Tilt' levels to attenuate frequencies below 800Hz at -2dB, -4dB, or -6dB, compensating for near-wall positioning and/or room brightness. ISS can be deactivated and DIP switches give access to LED on/off, bass roll-off (-2/-4dB, -6dB when both switches active), desktop reflection compensation to attenuate bass frequencies by 4dB at around 160Hz and a 'stored' setting. If activated, the 'stored' switch enables the monitor to recall the settings used in the GLM 3.0 calibration software, otherwise the monitor uses the adjustments set on the monitor. Switches for Digital A and B select the required digital audio channel (A or B), if both are selected channels A and B are summed and attenuated by 6dB to avoid overload. The user can reduce the monitor output by -10dB or -20dB (-30dB if both selected) by way of DIP switches.

Two network connections are available to connect and link to a GLM network, a single balanced 3-pin XLR input is shared for digital in (AES/EBU) and analogue audio in. A single 3-pin XLR output can be used as a digital 'thru' port for AES/EBU signals.

Included accessories: AC mains power cable, 1x 5m GLM network cable, operating manual.

8341 SAM

Like the 8331 monitor the 8341 SAM is available in black, dark grey, or white finishes. Functionality, switching, and connectivity also match the 8331 SAM however, the 8341 has an additional balanced 3-pin XLR input for analogue input, giving digital in (AES/EBU) its own dedicated input.

This monitor has dual 170x90mm, oval, low frequency drivers, a 90mm mid-range cone, coaxial with a 19mm high-frequency metal dome. The integrated amplifiers that power these drivers are rated at 250W (LF), 150W (MF), and 150W (HF). The maximum short term SPL is 110dB or greater whereas the maximum, long-term RMS output is 101dB SPL. Self-generated noise is rated as less than or equal to 3dB, 1m, A-weighted. The frequency response of this monitor is 38Hz to 37kHz, -6dB and 45Hz to 20kHz +/-1.5dB.

Included accessories: AC mains power cable, 1x 5m GLM network cable, operating manual

8331 SAM 8341 SAM
LF driver: Dual 130 x 65mm oval Dual 170 x 90mm oval
MF driver: 90mm cone 90mm cone
HF driver: 19mm metal dome 19mm metal dome
Response (1): 58Hz - 20kHz 45Hz - 20kHz
LF cutoff (2): 45Hz 38Hz
HF cutoff (2): 37kHz 37kHz
Maximum level (3): 104dB 110dB
Amplifier power: 72W/36W/36W 250W/150W/150W
Power source: 100-240V AC 100-240V AC
Power consumption
ISS active: 0.5W (4) 0.5W (4)
Idle: 4W 16W
Full power (5) : 60W 250W
Dimensions (6): 189 x 212 x 305mm 351 x 237 x 243mm
Weight: 6.7kg 9.8kg

Note (1): +/- 1.5dB. (2): Or better, -6dB. (3):SPL at one metre, short term. (4): Or lower. (5): Short term. (6): WxDxH.

GLM Loudspeaker Management Kit

Comprising of GLM network adapter, Genelec 8300A calibration microphone, microphone holder (with both 5/8-inch and 3/8-inch threads) and quick connection guide, this kit is used to link the Genelec GLM software (free to download) via the network adapter to 'The Ones' series of monitors and compatible SAM sub-woofers. Once connected, AutoCal calibration may be implemented to adjust monitor levels, frequency responses, time alignment, phase adjustment and determine unlimited setup files for quick recall.

The rear face of the desktop GLM network adaptor has a USB 2.0 type B connector that can be used to power the unit via a compatible computer or mains adapter. A yellow LED shows power on status. A 3.5mm jack provides connectivity to the 9310A volume controller; a second 3.5mm jack allows for the connection of the included 8300A calibration microphone. Two RJ45 network connections link to compatible monitors and are complete with terminator (the latter being optional).

9310A Volume Controller

Available in black only, this desktop, rotary, volume controller is compatible with the GLM 2.0 network adaptor (included with 8300-601) to control the volume of SAM series monitors and sub-woofers. A captive cable is terminated with 3.5mm stereo jack plug.

9101B Remote Controller

Available in both white and black finishes, 9101B wireless volume controller offers volume, mute, and group preset navigation control of SAM studio monitors and subwoofers via the optional 8300-601 GLM network adapter kit. Also compatible with F One and F Two subwoofers. Operation has a maximum distance of 30m but does not require line of sight.