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NEUMANN WS47 Foam windshield for BCM104 and 705 microphone

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  • WS47
NEUMANN WS47 Foam windshield for BCM104 and 705 microphone

NEUMANN MICROPHONES - Broadcast announcer

The Neumann microphones in the 'Broadcast Line' have been designed to fulfill 'Emotion conveyed with technical perfection'. Two models, one dynamic, one condenser, have been fine-tuned 'to the requirements of professional broadcast studios and the individual, and have 'functionally optimized design to 'ensure that these are microphones of character'.


The first of a range of broadcast microphones, the BCM104 is a large diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone specially designed for speech reproduction at close range, with an integrated pop screen, and a switchable bass roll off filter to compensate for the proximity effect.

A second switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14 dB. The microphone is supplied with an elastic suspension designed to be used with a boom arm or adjustable mic arm (see Index). Inside the twist off head grille is a built in pop screen which can be removed without tools for cleaning.

Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz. Sensitivity: 22mV/Pa(= 33.1 dBV). Impedance: 50 ohms. Equivalent noise level (IEC/DIN 651) : 7dB(A). Maximum SPL: 138dB. Suitable windshield: WS47.


The BCM705 is the first ever dynamic broadcast microphone manufactured by Neumann. The housing, internal suspension and headgrille are identical to those of the BCM 104; only the green logo indicates that this is something different.

The internal rubber suspension provides isolation from structure-borne noise, ensuring operation free of interference in a lively studio environment, which is where it's supercardioid pattern dynamic capsule is a distinct advantage, as it is less susceptible to picking up off-axis noise than it's condenser counterpart, the BCM104. It is tuned with a low frequency response, exhibiting a fairly steep roll off below 150Hz, with a light treble boost between 2kHz and 9kHz for speech intelligibility, both compensating against proximity effect.

Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz. Sensitivity: 1.7mV/Pa(= -55.4dB). Impedance: 200 ohms. Equivalent noise level (IEC/DIN 651): 18dB(A). Suitable windshield: WS47.

BCK Head Grille

Replacement head grilles, each with choice of five colour bands, for improved personal hygiene, are also available

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NEUMANN BCM-104 MICROPHONE Studio, large-diaphragm condenser, cardioid, integrated suspension Stock code: 92-856
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NEUMANN BCM-705 MICROPHONE Studio, dynamic, hypercardioid, integrated suspension Stock code: 92-859
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NEUMANN WS47 Foam windshield for BCM104 and 705 microphone Stock code: 92-896
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NEUMANN BCK Headgrille for BCM104 and 705 microphone Stock code: 92-897
No longer manufactured. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer an alternative.