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14 April 2024
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CLEVER LITTLE BOX TU-8A 8-CHANNEL DIGITAL TIMER Programmable, 64 events, 7-day

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Clever Little Box
Model number
  • TU-8A
CLEVER LITTLE BOX TU-8A 8-CHANNEL DIGITAL TIMER Programmable, 64 events, 7-day
CLEVER LITTLE BOX TU-8A 8-CHANNEL DIGITAL TIMER Programmable, 64 events, 7-dayCLEVER LITTLE BOX TU-8A 8-CHANNEL DIGITAL TIMER Programmable, 64 events, 7-dayCLEVER LITTLE BOX TU-8A 8-CHANNEL DIGITAL TIMER Programmable, 64 events, 7-day


A range of problem-solving installation accessories to assist the installer of professional audio systems, these designs have evolved from practical experience in the field. They are housed in painted steel enclosures, to withstand rugged treatment and provide shielding, connections are made by screw terminals accessed through “knock-out” conduit holes, and fixing kits, thoughtfully, are packed with each device, to avoid time-wasting scrabbling in the tool-box.

VCA-1A Voltage Controlled Attenuator

This is a line-level, stereo device giving wired remote control of a stereo signal, or may be used to control two separate zones, providing separate volume controls for each. Two (single-gang) remote-control plates are included, which may be used with standard BS1363 single-gang back-boxes or the supplied surface-mounting boxes. These connect to the main unit using standard twin cable (up to100m). All connections are by screw terminal. Performance: Whilst appropriate for use in entertainment venues, this product is not intended for use in critical applications. Frequency response: 30Hz to 20kHz at +/-3dB; Attenuation: 0 to -44dB; Input signal: up to 1V (rms), both channels, unbalanced; Input impedance: 5K ohms; Output signal level: 1V (rms) or 2V (rms) in either gain x1 or gain x2 modes; Output impedance: 200 ohms. Mains powered (230V), or 24V DC. Dimensions: 185(l) ×125(w) ×55(h)mm. Weight 1kg.

LB-8A Digital audio storage and replay unit

The Clever Little Box LB-8A is a compact, contact-closure triggered media player. It is intended for use in commercial audio installations where it may be necessary to playback pre-recorded audio tracks such as chimes, music and announcements on-demand via contact-closure triggering. The system could be particularly useful in theme parks and museums, retail environments, schools and airports. Providing on-demand tones, sound effects or messages via computer controlled, timed or switched contact closure. Integration into larger PA systems could be achieved with the use of a suitable pre-amplifier, mixer or mixing amplifier with priority line level inputs such as the Cloud MPA240.

Up to 8 audio tracks (files) of any duration can be stored on a single 4GB SDHC memory card (supplied), which is mounted internally to prevent unauthorised removal or content modification. Eight sample tones are supplied: Whoop, Two-Tone, GMP pips, Continuous, 4 note chime ascending, 4 note chime descending, Ding Dong and 4 note chime ascending soft. The LB-8A is compatible with FAT32 format, WAV audio files with sample rates up to 22.05 KHz. Eight voltage free (dry) contact closure screw terminals trigger playback of the corresponding audio file. Terminal T1 corresponds to File 001, T2 to File 002 and so on. A small editable command file (script) is stored on the SDHC memory card and is used to determine the 'playback mode'. Modes offered include 'Non-interruptible', 'Interruptible', 'Holdable' and 'Script' (default). It is also possible to modify the 'Trigger Modes'. Options include 'Close Contact' (default), 'Open Contact', 'Make Contact' and 'Break Contact'. Note: An LB-8A cannot have a mix of trigger modes across its trigger inputs. E.g. T1 cannot be set in contact closure mode with triggers T2 to T8 functioning via open contact. Trigger modes are configured in script playback.

A separate voltage free switched pair is also provided via screw terminals. This enables the control of external equipment such as muting circuits and relays during audio playback. Audio output is unbalanced line level via 3.5mm jack socket. Powering is via 15V DC PSU (supplied). An LED indicates power status.

TU-8A 8-channel digital timer unit

The Clever Little Box TU-8A is a compact 8-channel programmable digital timer. It is intended for applications requiring scheduled event triggering such as playback of chimes, music or announcements in commercial audio systems. The system could be particularly useful in visitor centres, retail environments, schools and airports when integrated with the Clever Little Box LB-8A Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit. It offers programmed weekly event switching of 8 independent relay outputs, providing NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) relay contacts via screw terminals. The TU-8A supports switching of up to 64 events per day (32x On and 32x Off). Manual event override, DST (daylight saving time) and clock tuning functions are available via an intuitive and simple menu structure. Powering is via 12V DC PSU (supplied). Dimension: 140 × 110 × 25 (w × d × h) mm.

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