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RODE MICROPHONES - iPhone, iPad, Smartphone

Designed for ENG, interview, and vlogging, these microphones and accessories are compatible with a variety of iPhone, iPad, or smartphone devices – giving a compact and portable solution with quick setup.


Rode iXY is a stereo microphone for use with iPhone and iPad devices. A matched pair of two half-inch, cardioid condenser capsules are set at a 90 degree, XY, near-coincident alignment to produce a detailed stereo image. The microphones have on-board A/D conversion, a 72Hz high-pass filter may be software-switched in for dealing with unwanted low-frequency noise. The microphone can be used for up to 24-bit/96kHz recording: This highest resolution requires the use of the Rode Rec or Rode Rec LE application, available from the App store.

The iXY supports the iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 as delivered. In order to use it with an iPhone 5c, an alternative 'clamp' must be fitted using the tool supplied.

Maximum SPL: 120dB SPL. Sensitivity: -42.0dB, re 1 Volt/Pascal, +/- 2 dB, 1kHz. Response: 20Hz-20kHz without HP filter. Equivalent noise: 18dBA. Weight: 40g: Dimensions (HxWxD): 46 x 55 x 40mm.

Included accessories: Foam windshield, zipped protective case with both versions. Alternative 'clamp' and tool.

VideoMic ME

Rode VideoMic ME cardioid condenser microphone connects directly to the 3.5mm TRRS jack socket of a smartphone or device. Depending on the app used, a 3.5mm jack socket located on rear of the VideoMic ME allows ‘play-through’ monitoring via earphones.

Maximum SPL: 140dB SPL. Sensitivity: -33dB, re 1 Volt/Pascal, +/-2dB, 1kHz. Response: 100Hz-20kHz. Equivalent noise: 20dBA. Weight: 34g. Dimensions (HxWxD): 38 x 21 x 80mm

Included accessories: Furry windshield, adjustable mount.

VideoMic ME-L

Rode VideoMic ME-L has the same functionality as the VideoMic ME however it uses a Lightning connection in place of the 3.5mm TRRS jack. Compatible with Apple iOS devices running iOS 11 or higher.

Maximum SPL: 115dB SPL. Sample rates: 44.1 and 48kHz, 24-bit depth. Response: 20Hz-20kHz. Equivalent noise: 19.5dBA. Weight: 34g. Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.7 x 20.2 x 73.5mm

Included accessories: WS9 deluxe windshield, adjustable mount.


Designed for broadcast environments, the Rode i-XLR is an audio interface that converts and XLR input often taken from a microphone such as the Rode Reporter, and outputs to a Lightning connection for iOS devices. A 3m fixed shielded cable allows the operator to hold a microphone at arms-length with power being provided by the iOS device. Rode i-XLR is compatible with dynamic and self-powered microphones, however it does not provide Phantom power. A 3.5mm jack socket with adjustable level allows the user to monitor via headphones. Record status is indicated via and LED, and record level along with -20dB pad can be adjusted within the compatible iOS app.

Weight: 125g. Dimensions (HxWxD): 80 x 33 x 38mm.


The Rode SC6-L interface is an I/O breakout box for Apple iOS devices with Lightning connection. Two 3.5mm TRRS jack inputs can be used with Rode SmartLav Plus lavalier microphones for interviewing or dual-source audio pickup. The bus powered device has an audio to digital conversion is 24-bit with a sample rate of 44.1 or 48kHz. A single 3.5mm jack socket allows the user to monitor input and playback using earphones or headphones. The Rode Reporter App has been optimised to work with the SC6-L, giving option to enable/disable direct monitoring, adjust gain, and switch from summed stereo or dual mono.

Compatible with Apple devices running iOS 11 or higher.

Weight: 16g. Dimensions (WxHxD): 40 x 20.2 x 11mm


This kit includes 1x Rode SC6-L, 2x Rode SmartLav Plus lavalier microphones, 2x Rode LAV-CLIPs, 2x Rode WS-LAV windshields, and 1x storage pouch.


Rode SmartLav+ is an omni-directional, condenser microphone fitted with a standard TRRS connector, which plugs directly into the headset input of a compatible smartphone or tablet. It is fully compatible with the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation) in addition to a wide range of TRRS devices. A list of compatible devices is available at

The SmartLav+ works with any audio application that accepts input from the headset connection, although for optimum performance the application should offer variable input level. It has been designed to 'pair perfectly with the Rode Rec app for Apple iOS'. This turns an iOS device 'into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalisation presets to suit various recording situations'. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar.

Maximum SPL: 110dB SPL. Sensitivity: -35dB, 17.8mV at 94dB SPL. Response: 60Hz-18kHz. Equivalent noise: 27dB typical. Maximum output: 189mV. Dynamic range: 83dB typical. Power source: Powered from TRRS socket (2.7V). Dimensions (HxWxD): 1180 x 4.5 x 4.5mm. Weight: 6g.

Included accessories: Foam pop shield, lapel clip.

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RODE iXY STEREO MICROPHONE XY Condenser, for iPhone, iPad with Lightning connector   Stock code: 74-234
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RODE VIDEOMIC ME MICROPHONE Condenser, cardioid, for iPhone, iPad with 3.5mm TRRS connector   Stock code: 74-251
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RODE VIDEOMIC ME-L MICROPHONE Condenser, cardioid, for iPhone, iPad with Lightning connector   Stock code: 74-252
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RODE I-XLR INTERFACE XLR to Lightning convertor, 3.5mm jack headphone output, 3m cable   Stock code: 74-253
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RODE SC6-L ADAPTER 2x 3.5mm TRRS inputs, output with Lightning connector for iPhone, iPad   Stock code: 74-254
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RODE SC6-L INTERVIEW KIT Including 1 x SC6-L adaptor, 2x SmartLav+ microphones and accessories   Stock code: 74-255
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RODE SMARTLAV PLUS MICROPHONE Lapel, condenser, omni-directional, for smart phone, tablet   Stock code: 74-236
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RODE SC1 CABLE Extension, for SmartLav, 3.5mm TRRS jack plug, 3.5mm TRRS jack socket, 6m   Stock code: 74-237
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RODE SC3 CABLE Adaptor, for SmartLav, 3.5mm TRS jack plug, 3.5mm TRRS jack socket, 110mm   Stock code: 74-238
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