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23 July 2024
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TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Walkie-talkie interface

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TECPRO AD913 Walkie-talkie interface
TECPRO AD913 Walkie-talkie interfaceTECPRO AD913 Walkie-talkie interfaceTECPRO AL919 Adapter cable AD913 to TTI TX-1446 and Maxon SL55TECPRO AL920 Adapter cable AD913 to MultiCom Jnr

AD913 Simplex Radio Adapter

  • Allows combined wired/radio systems to be assembled
  • Interfaces with most good simplex radio transmitters
  • Audio connections transformer balanced to reduce hum and interference
  • Presets multi-turn types for easy adjustment
  • Robust extruded case - virtually indestructible
  • Industry standard XLR type connectors

The AD913 allows communication between a Tecpro wired system and a simplex radio system, typically a pair or more of Walkie-talkies. It allows audio on the wired comms system to be transmitted to remote radios, and replies from these remote units to be heard by parties on the wired system circuit.

The unit provides a mic level output for connection to a transmitter and has a phone level input to accept a receiver. In addition it has arrangements to provide a push-to-talk (P.T.T.) or ‘transmit on’ switching, operated by the ‘signal ‘ lamp of outstations on the wired circuit to which the AD913 is connected. Any outstation can activate a radio transmission by depressing the ‘signal’ lamp switch. The system signal lamps on other outstations will light in the normal way, and the speech on the wired circuit will be sent to the transmitter and the necessary ‘transmit’ will be activated. All stations will hear incoming calls when the ‘signal’ is off.

Technical Specification
Power requirements: 24-30 DC, 15-25mA from comms system
External input: To suit earphone/speaker levels, 10k ohms nom. balanced and floating
External output: To suit mic inputs, 200 ohm nominal source balanced and floating, open circuit in receive mode
External PTT: Single pole contact, closed circuit in transmit, rated 0.25A at 28V DC
Connections: Transceiver via XLR 6 pin male (Neutrik). Intercom ring (2-wire) via XLR 3 pole male and female (loop-through)
Optional accessories: AL919 is a readymade cable to interface the AD913 to the TTI FreeQuency TX-1446 and Maxon SL55 series handportables. AL920 interfaces to the Multicom Junior 446MHz series.
Dimensions: 107 x 93 x 50mm
Weight: 450g
Construction: Black anodised extruded case with glass filled nylon bezels for protection
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TECPRO AD913 Walkie-talkie interface Stock code: 27-913
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TECPRO AL919 Adapter cable AD913 to TTI TX-1446 and Maxon SL55 Stock code: 27-919
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TECPRO AL920 Adapter cable AD913 to MultiCom Jnr Stock code: 27-920
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