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The Airmate-USB has been designed for deployment as an on-air radio mixing console or a production mixer. The rack-mounting chassis has eight input channels. Six have triple inputs; two have telephone connections and USB connectivity giving the user the ability to stream the output directly to an external computer or streaming device.


Channels one to four have triple inputs, microphone, line A and line B. Channels five and six have microphone, line and USB connections to transfer audio to and from a PC. Channels seven and eight have both line inputs and facilities to connect telephone lines

All inputs are on the rear. Microphone inputs are balanced via 3-pin XLR connectors, with 48V phantom power available and have associated 'insert' connection for microphone processing. All line inputs are stereo via unbalanced RCA (phono) connectors and have associated 'start' connections. As well as a stereo line input, channels seven and eight have two RJ-11 connectors to interface with a POT (plain old telephone) PSTN line and a telephone to set up calls. The internal telephone balance units are manually adjusted.

On the control surface, each channel has a channel fader, and switches to send the channel to the 'Cue' mix and main mix. 'On' switches on all channels are wired in series with the mechanical fader enabling selection of start either by fader or hard start via the On switch. Channels one to six have rotary controls for gain EQ and a the send to the auxiliary mix. Equalisation is three-band, with +/-12 dB shelving at 12kHz for high frequencies, +/-12dB at 1kHz 'bell' curve for mid-frequencies, and +/-12dB at 60 Hz for low frequencies. They also have push switches to select between the three inputs.

Channels seven and eight controls to set the 'send' level to the phone line, switches to select line or telephone inputs, and manual controls to adjust the balance of the telephone hybrid - a trimmer control to set the resistive component and a push switch for the capacitive. A rotary control adjusts input gain and larger switches are used to connect to a call and for talkback to the call.

On the right is the comprehensive master section which includes a dual-channel meter with two columns of 21 LEDs , dual master faders, and controls for stereo Auxiliary send and return level, clean fee level, monitor level with 'follow phones' and a phones output with a 'split' function and a balance control to continuously adjust the volume between main output and stereo Cue signal.

A 'Self op' button cuts the control room monitor level automatically when the microphone is active. A 'Talkback' switch activates the built-in electret talkback microphone for easy communication with the Clean-feed output, Aux output and Announcer output.

Dimensions: 482x356x105 (wxdxh) mm. A mounting hole of 450x330mm is required for drop-through mounting. Weight: 11 kg.

Optional accessories: Aircast automation system, On Air Light, see below. The stereo line level inputs can be expanded with the optional Airmate-USB RIAA addition that adds equalised phono pre-amplifiers for connecting directly to a turntable. The GSM Hybrid connects the Airmate-USB to a GSM network. The Airmate-USB AES/EBU expands the console to include a digital I/O whereby the left XLR output carries the stereo AES digital output signal and the right XLR becomes a stereo digital input.

Aircast 6

Aircast 6-STD is a single user radio automation system for Windows based PC computers. It is designed to suit smaller radio stations especially those in community radio, internet radio, hospital radio and schools. It supports virtually any sound card, works with standard PC hardware and offers smooth interfacing with D&R mixers. There are various remote control functions for controlling fader start, 'next', and other remote requirements.

On-Air Light

On Air Light is a self-contained, on-air signaling light for use in broadcast environments. When activated it shows a bright 'On Air' sign in red, backlit by LEDs. Power is provided by the included 12V DC, 1A external power supply.

Control is via a twin wire cable coming from the microphone switching output (1 x 6.35mm stereo jack socket) on the back of the Airmate-USB, Airence-USB or Airlab DT console, or from any console that offers microphone control switching. Control is achieved by connecting the two wires in the cable. Both the power and control must be directly hardwired to a barrier strip on the On Air light.

Dimensions: 260x125x65 (wxhxd) mm. Cable entry holes and key slot holes are provided on the back.

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D&R AIRMATE-USB BROADCAST MIXER 6x XLR mic in, 12x RCA stereo in, 2x USB I/O, 2x telephone hybrid   Stock code: 95-8654
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D&R AIRMATE-USB AES/EBU BROADCAST MIXER Digital output option, 24-bit 48kHz/96kHz   Stock code: 95-8655
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D&R AIRMATE-USB RIAA BROADCAST MIXER Phono pre-amp option   Stock code: 95-8656
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D&R AIRMATE-USB SPARES BROADCAST MIXER Spare parts kit   Stock code: 95-8657
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D&R AIRCAST 6-STD SOFTWARE Radio automation playlist, cartwall, cue editor, single user license   Stock code: 95-8691
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D&R AIRCAST 6-STD-DB SOFTWARE Radio automation, single user license, with database server   Stock code: 95-8698
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D&R AIRCAST 6-VT SOFTWARE Add-on, multi-user license   Stock code: 95-8699
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D&R ON-AIR LIGHT ILLUMINATED SIGN 12V DC, 1A external power, Red Red Stock code: 95-8692
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