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Construction Product Regulation (CPR) …Are you ready?

The new Construction Product Regulation (CPR) will become effective from 1st July 2017. The CPR determines mandatory performance characteristics of all installed cable.

EN50399: Oh NO – cable failed tests…

From July, installed cabling must meet the “Reaction to Fire” conditions as set out by the CPR. No cable can move on the market without approval to the CPR. This includes imported product from outside of the European Union. Owners of a brand will automatically become the “Manufacturer” as far as CPR legislation is concerned, and are therefore required to comply with all parts of the regulation – “Nothing can be left to a 3rd party”.

The essential “Reaction to Fire” requirements can be broken down into four measurable categories:

  • Smoke and Acid
  • Heat release
  • Rate of heat release
  • Flame spread

CPR also introduces an obligatory Declaration of Performance and the CE marking of cables. Canford’s existing LFH (Low Fire Hazard) cables are compliant with the CPR Euroclass E. and new designs are in preparation for major projects where performance is required to Euroclass C.

In partnership with Draka Cables, Canford are leading the way to ensuring consultants, system designers and cable installers are aware of the new regulations, better understand their responsibility and can identify compliant cable.

Canford held a “CPR Cable Seminar” at the ABTT (Theatre Technicians) exhibition on June 6th, presented by Draka’s Technical Director, Neil Mabbott alongside Canford CEO, Iain Elliott. The  session gave a detailed overview of the CPR and shared information to ensure projects remain compliant with the law.

A copy of the presentation slides have been made available below. Customers can also contact Canford Technical Support for help with more specific questions regarding the introduction of CPR.

Download the CPR presentation here.

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