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1 March 2024
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GREEN-GO DIGITAL INTERCOM SYSTEM - Radio interface station

GREEN-GO GGO-RDX RADIO INTERFACE STATION Free-standing, for use with hand portable, walkie talkie
GREEN-GO GGO-RDX RADIO INTERFACE STATION Free-standing, for use with hand portable, walkie talkie

This interface is used to connect a hand-portable radio to a Green-Go digital intercom system. The interface communicates over the network with other Green-Go intercom stations, where each station is connected to a network switch using standard Ethernet cabling.


  • Interfaces with hand-portable (walkie-talkie) radio transceiver
  • Single radio channel becomes single group on Green-Go network
  • One captive transceiver is connected to the RDX interface via a dedicated cable
  • The captive transceiver provides broadcast in/out facilities for the Green-Go intercom
  • Communication is simplex only
  • A high-resolution OLED screen displays broadcast status or menu settings
  • Same case dimensions as Green-Go belt packs
  • Powered by PoE only

The RDX Radio Interface offers a user-friendly way of communicating with a number of external radio (walkie-talkie) users. The RDX provides all necessary A-D and D-A conversion, audio processing and switching of transmit/receive functions, ready to connect with a dedicated cable to a 'captive' radio transceiver, which then provides simplex communication with a number of 'mobile' (connected by radio) transceiver users. In this way a single radio channel provided by the captive handset becomes a single dedicated group on the Green-Go network.

A single 9-pin female D-sub connector on the rear of the RDX provides audio input/output connections as well as closing contacts to control the captive transceiver; the link cable connects to the microphone input socket of the captive transceiver to send audio and the headphone output socket feeds audio back to the RDX interface and hence on to the Green-Go network.

The default state of the captive transceiver is to receive, so audio from the mobile users will be injected on to the Green-Go network. When someone on the Green-Go wired intercom system broadcasts to the 'Radio' group, the RDX Interface automatically closes a 'PTT' relay which triggers the captive transceiver to start broadcasting and send audio to the mobile users. (PTT: Press To Talk).

On the rear of the RDX Interface, in addition to the D-sub connector, there is an Ethercon connector to connect to the network switch for both Ethernet data and for the delivery of PoE. Two switches provide coarse level settings for the audio sent to the captive transceiver.

(Input and output levels may be fine-tuned within the RDX menu. Compression and noise gating can be applied at the same time if required.)

The front panel has a full colour OLED screen which displays device functions and settings. Four buttons are used to access the RDX menu where all adjustments to settings are made.

D-sub connector
Pins Function
1 + 6 Audio in to RDX:
5 + 9 Audio out from RDX:
4 PTT relay normally open contact
2 PTT relay normally closed contact
3 + 7 PTT relay common

Power source: Power over Ethernet (POE), 802.3af Standard. Dimensions: 145 x 85 x 30mm. Weight 400g.

  • The captive radio transceiver should be kept at a distance of around one metre from the RDX Interface, to avoid interference.
  • When using simplex intercoms some discipline is required. Saying 'over' when the user has finished talking is good practice.
  • The microphone On/Off button should be programmed to 'Push To Talk' mode on all Green-Go devices that can talk via the RDX interface to the mobile users, to avoid blocking the 'Radio' channel with an accidental continuous transmission. (On a Green-Go device, the 'Mic On/Off' function can be set differently for each intercom group or user.)

Note: Green-GO products are only available for sale to customers in the UK and Ireland.

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