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17 August 2022
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COAX CONNS 96-HTS-77 CRIMP TOOL with cavities 1.07, 4.52, 6.48, 7.06mm AF (sizes EF, EF1, FB1, FC1)

Stock code
Coax Connectors
Model number
  • 96-HTS-77
COAX CONNS 96-HTS-77 CRIMP TOOL with cavities 1.07, 4.52, 6.48, 7.06mm AF (sizes EF, EF1, FB1, FC1)


A range of robust ratchet-action crimp tools each supplied with the appropriate die set specifically designed by Coax Connectors for use with their BNC, Micro BNC and DIN connectors.

Code Type Cavity sizes Suitable for cable groups
55-8186 96-HTS-43 0.95 SQ, 3.25, 4.52, 5.18mm AF Group J and W
55-8182 96-HTS-75A 0.95 SQ, 1.07 SQ, 1.72, 5.41, 8.23mm AF (sizes FA,FC) Group X, SDV-F-HD, group Y (FC code) connectors and Belden 1855A (EF code)
55-8184 96-HTS-76 0.95 SQ, 1.72, 5.41, 6.48mm AF Group Q and Belden 1505F
55-8187 96-HTS-77 1.07 SQ, 4.52, 6.48, 7.06mm AF (sizes EF, EF1, FB1, FC1) Group Y using FC connectors and Belden 1855A using EF1
55-8189 96-336J 1.07 SQ, 1.73, 1.98, 3.25, 3.84, 4.52mm Group W and Belden 1855A using EF1
55-8190 96-336K 2.54, 3.25, 10.9mm Group Z

Jaws can be reversed for left handed use.

Note that these tools may not be suitable for other brands of BNC, Micro BNC and DIN 1.0/2.3.

Please see the individual crimp tool information sheets for further details.

For an explanation of the terminology used in this entry and the advantages of crimping and solder termination, as well as advice on termination procedure and choice of connectors and tooling to suit specific cables, please see the linked resources Crimp Die Selection Chart, Coaxial Connector Selection Guide and BNC Connectors - Terminology And Termination.

Canford Cable Groups are based on the overall and dielectric diameters as seen on our Coaxial Connector Selection Guide. It is important to note that this grouping is an indication and not a confirmation of compatibility. If you would like assistance with choosing your tooling, please contact: