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19 April 2024
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TSL AMU1-CHD+ MONITORING UNIT 1U rackmount, loudspeakers, 2x26-LED meters, 2 st, 2x AES, SDI in
TSL AMU1-CHD+ MONITORING UNIT 1U rackmount, loudspeakers, 2x26-LED meters, 2 st, 2x AES, SDI inTSL AMU1-3G MONITORING UNIT 1U rackmount, loudspeakers, 2x26-LED meters, 2 st, 2x AES, SDI, Dolby E

TSL Products, an established broadcast product manufacturer, building a wide range of audio monitoring solutions designed for use in any broadcast application where there is a need for rack mounted confidence monitoring. These 1U rack-mounting designs monitor audio on loudspeakers and bar-graph meters, with the added convenience of headphone sockets. Analogue, digital and embedded video sources may be connected, one model is offered which supports Dolby E sources.

AMU1-CHD+ - Analogue, AES3 and HD/SD-SDI inputs

This unit is for monitoring analogue audio, AES digital audio and de-embedded audio from HD/serial digital video signals. Video outputs are also provided which can be used to attach a video monitor. A choice of two analogue or digital stereo inputs may be monitored on speakers or in headphones, with simultaneous visual monitoring using bar graph displays. The high quality loudspeakers are two-way designs, with a shared bass driver and electronic crossovers designed by Celtic Audio.

The front panel has two, vertical, 26-segment, LED bar graph displays. These are fed by a pair of rotary switches (Digital Source and Channel Select), which selects one of the many alternative pairs of inputs, and a phase reverse switch. This is a non-latching switch for testing, with red/green LED to indicate phase correlation. There are two grilles for each of the two loudspeaker channels and an A-gauge, 6.35mm headphone socket with associated volume control. These are fed from the same signals as are selected to the bar-graphs, via the volume control. Inserting a jack into the headphone socket mutes the loudspeakers or this can be configured using rear dip switches.

The rear panel has three pairs of female XLR connectors for the three pairs of electronically balanced inputs (analogue line 1 & 2, AES 1, 2, 3 & 4). A female 25-pin D-sub connector offers connections for electronically balanced analogue outputs of the decoded AES signals and the four SDV embedded audio groups. A second female 25-pin D-sub connector offers connections for up to 8 AES inputs and outputs. DIP switches select between PPM and EBU Digital meter characteristics, peak hold on and off, calibration level and switches the video output to either encoded PAL/NTSC composite or SDI output. There are two further male XLR connectors for analogue line outputs 1 & 2 through front panel level (or on 25-pin d-sub if selected on channel select control). Four BNC connectors provide the auto-sensing HD/SDV inputs 1 & 2, the PAL/NTSC or HD/SDV output (selectable) and re-clocked HD-SDV loop output. The calibrated line-up level for the digital signals may be selected between -15dBFS and -24dBFS.

Line inputs: 0dBu, >20kohm, 30Hz-25kHz. AES inputs: AES3 (1994) at 48kHz, 44.1kHz or 32kHz, 110 ohms. HD-SDV input: SMPTE 259M 4:2:2 component 1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/60, 1080p/50, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/60, 720p/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/60 with embedded 48kHz audio, 75ohm. Sample rate: 32 to 48kHz, auto selected. Line outputs: 0dBu, 50ohm source. Headphone output: 0dB gain (variable 0db to - infinity), 50 ohm source. Amplifier output: 40W total. Hum and noise: better than -80dB. Acoustic response: 70Hz to 20kHz. Better than 98dB SPL at 0.6m. Power source: 12V DC or 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 50W maximum. Dimensions: 1U rack mounting (44mm) x 340mm deep. Weight: 6.9 kg.

Application note: Due to the weight of the unit, extra support is required at the rear or sides when rack-mounting.

Included accessories: Manual.

AMU1-3G - Analogue, AES3, HD/SD-SDI inputs - Dolby E

Similar to the AMU1-CHD, this unit has four AES/EBU inputs, two HD-SDI or SD-SDI auto-sensing inputs and two, switch-selectable, stereo analogue inputs. The SDI inputs support up to 1080P at 50 / 59.98 / 60 frame rates. Dolby E is supported, and Dolby metadata is extracted as well as embedded audio in analogue format.

The front panel is similar, with a ten-position source-select switch choosing between analogue, AES, SDI one groups1,2,3,4 and SDI two groups 1,2,3,4. The channel select switch chooses between the two stereo pairs available for the chosen source. Metering and phase display are the same, as are the volume control and the headphone outlet and the speakers. An additional rotary switch, with an extra 'Dolby' indicator, has two functions.

When the unit is receiving a Dolby signal, which can be carried on an AES or HD/SD-SDI embedded audio data stream, the DOLBY indicator will show green and the following selections will apply. These, written in green on the panel, are as follows: Lt Rt, L R, C LFE, and Ls Rs. (Left total, Right total, Centre, Low frequency effects and Left Surround, Right Surround.) These stems are monitored in pairs.

When a DOLBY signal is NOT present the DOLBY presence indicator changes colour to orange and the following can be monitored; Stereo, Left, Right and Mono.

The rear panel has an extra BNC connector for the second SDI input, and an extra 25-pin D-sub connector. One of the two carries the eight balanced, analogue, de-coded audio outputs. The other carries the four AES/EBU dual channel inputs and outputs. A 15-pin D-sub connector carries the Dolby metadata output. A second 15-pin D-sub provides an RS422 port for remote control. Either EBU digital or PPM meter scales may be selected. There are two coaxial power inlets for 12V DC supplies, so redundant powering may be implemented.

Technical specifications are as for the AMU1-CHD except for Power: 12V DC or 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 30W maximum.

Included accessories: Manual. Inline power supply with C7 inlet. No AC power lead is supplied.
Optional accessories: See Mains cordsets for suitable AC power leads.

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TSL AMU1-CHD+ MONITORING UNIT 1U rackmount, loudspeakers, 2x26-LED meters, 2 st, 2x AES, SDI in Stock code: 77-0106
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TSL AMU1-3G MONITORING UNIT 1U rackmount, loudspeakers, 2x26-LED meters, 2 st, 2x AES, SDI, Dolby E Stock code: 77-0105
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for alternatives.