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Ampetronic microphones are designed to combine with Ampetronic induction-loop amplifiers to give convenient amplified speech transmission. Miniature tie-clip, desktop and boundary types are offered.

They are compatible with Ampetronic CLD1 [93-7890], CLD1AC [93-8191], ILD100-TX [93-799], and ILD100DC [93-7899].

Ampetronic recommend connecting the microphones to inputs intended for unbalanced, electret microphones with DC bias power as they should not be connected directly to balanced or line level inputs. The microphones can be used with a balanced, 3-pin XLR input by using an optional Ampetronic MAT1adapter [93-670] to convert the unbalanced 3.5mm jack termination to balanced 3-pin XLR.

EM1.2 - Miniature

This tie-clip style electret microphone has an omni-directional pickup pattern. It may be fixed to a 'transparent security screen' or used with the (detachable) tie-clip However, either the EM195A with cardioid pickup pattern or the Q400 with hypercardioid pickup would be a better option for use on a security screen if background noise becomes an issue. Fixed cable length of 3m, black. Includes windshield and tie-clip attachment.

Sensitivity: -62dB +/-3dB, (0dB=1V/bar). Impedance: 2.2k ohms. Frequency response: 20Hz to 16kHz. Power requirements: DC 1.5V. Dimensions: 10x18mm, excluding cable. Weight: 50g, including cable.

EM195A - Desktop

This unidirectional desktop microphone is designed be placed where the microphone points towards the required sound source such as a receptionist. Supplied with weighted desktop base for free-standing use and self-adhesive base whereby the microphone can be attached to other equipment such as a computer monitor. It has a fixed 1.8m flexible screened cable terminating with unbalanced 3.5mm jack plug.

Sensitivity: -64dB +/-3dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/bar). Impedance: approximately 200 ohms. Frequency response: 20Hz to 16kHz. Bias voltage: 10V, maximum; 1.5V, normal. Stem length: approximately 250mm with 25degree bend at 150mm from base.

Q400 - Boundary

The QL400 electret boundary microphone has a hypercardioid pickup pattern and is more suited to wall or desk surface fixing where the source audio is in close range. Ampetronic advise that the surface to which the microphone is attached does not suffer from 'strong vibration' to reduce the risk of unwanted noise pickup. The microphone is attached to the surface via an included adhesive pad and microphone clip.

Sensitivity: -67dB, 4dB (0dB=1V/bar). Impedance: 2k ohms. Frequency response: 300Hz to 6.5kHz. Bias voltage: 1V to 10V; normal: 1.5V. Dimensions: 43x23x12mm. Weight: 8g, excluding cable.

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AMPETRONIC EM1.2 MICROPHONE Tie-clip, electret, omni-directional, mono 3.5mm jack connector, black Black Stock code: 93-6727
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AMPETRONIC EM195A MICROPHONE Desktop, electret, unidirectional, mono 3.5mm jack connector, black Black Stock code: 93-6728
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AMPETRONIC Q400 MICROPHONE Boundary, electret, hypercardioid, mono 3.5mm jack connector, black Black Stock code: 93-6729
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AMPETRONIC MAT1 MICROPHONE ADAPTER Electret, provides bias, phantom powered   Stock code: 93-670
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