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14 July 2024
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TECPRO HS591 Handset station
TECPRO HS591 Handset station


The Tecpro HS591 handset is designed for use with a wired Tecpro intercom system in situations where a standard beltpack and headset would be inconvenient, in a theatre foyer, ticket office or corridor for example. It has most of the functionality of a beltpack and is suitable for siting on a desk or counter or may be wall-mounted with two screws. The electronics are housed in the telephone cradle base and it takes its power from the Tecpro line.

It is designed to be used on a circuit powered with either a Tecpro power supply or a Tecpro Master Station in conjunction with other Tecpro outstations or beltpacks. The HS591 is compatible with previous generation Tecpro designs. Connection to the intercom circuit is made with the supplied cable. This has an RJ11 connector to connect to the HS591 and a 3-pin female XLR connector to offer connection to the Tecpro circuit.

The HS591 is a two-part design, in grey plastic mouldings. The handset has an earpiece and electret microphone with tailored frequency response to provide clear, intelligible communication. When the handset is resting in the cradle base the earpiece and microphone are muted. Lifting the handset activates both the earpiece and microphone and the 'Mic On' LED illuminates. On the rear of the cradle base there are preset controls to set the earpiece volume and the amount of side tone from the local microphone which is heard in the earpiece.

Pressing the 'Call' button causes all other call indicators on the circuit to illuminate. The red 'Call' LED illuminates to confirm the function is activated. If a 'Call' signal is received, the red LED flashes to attract attention and the internal buzzer sounds. The buzzer may be programmed to remain silent, a feature that may be desired in some locations. (The call signalling is achieved by a combination of an inaudible 20kHz tone and a DC signal, DC call signalling has been retained for compatibility with previous Tecpro designs.)

The HS591 responds to 'Remote Mic Kill' signals sent by another Tecpro station. This mode is useful for keeping unnecessary noise and chatter to a minimum so that important commands are not missed. If the handset is in operation and a signal is detected, the microphone circuit automatically mutes. This is useful, for example, if the handset has been knocked off-hook accidentally. To reactivate the microphone, the receiver should be momentarily replaced in the cradle or alternatively the off-hook button should be pressed. (The 'Remote Mic Kill' feature on Tecpro Series 2 uses an inaudible 24kHz tone signal).

Current consumption: 40mA maximum, in 'Call' mode, LED illuminated. Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 70mm. Weight: 0.4kg.

Included accessories: Connecting cable (see above), data sheet.

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