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CANFORD CRIMP TOOLS - Co-axial connectors - For Cable groups Q, X, Y, J, Z including Telegartner BNC HD

This range of ratchet-action, precision, crimp tools for coaxial connectors are each supplied fitted with the appropriate die-set for Telegartner BNC HD connectors. The tools are constructed with high-strength, hardened, alloy steel to ensure a long life span and are guaranteed for a minimum of 50,000 cycles. The unique design mechanism, coupled with optimised handle materials, reduces the strength required to conduct a crimping operation.

Handles are colour coded to aid identification; the lower handle has a non-slip foot that can be used to hold the tool in place when leveraging on a work surface. There is also an eyelet that can be used for connecting a lanyard. The tools have a precise, eccentric, adjustment for consistent performance and accuracy of crimp, together with a recessed ratchet release.

Model Cavity sizes (across flats) mm Suitable for cable groups(1):
Blue 1.25 / 1.69 /5.41 / 6.48 / 7.01 Q, X, Y
Red 0.8 / 2.54 / 3.25 / 10.9 J, Z

Note 1: With Telegartner BNC HD

Canford Tool BNC (Note 2) Relevant cables
J Red 48-785 / 48-775 Belden 179DT
X Blue 48-787 / 48-777 Canford SDV, SDV-LFH, SDV-X-LFH, SDM-LFH, Belden 1855A, 1855ENH, Draka 0.6/2.8 AF, HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF.
Q Blue 48-786 / 48-776 Canford SDV-I-X-LFH, Belden 1505A, 1505ANH, Canare L-4CFB, Draka 0.8/3.7 AF, HD PRO 0.8/3.7 AF
Y Blue 48-788 / 48-778 Canford SDV-L, SDV-L-LFH, SDV-F, Belden 1694A, 1694ANH, Draka 1.0/4.8 AF, HD PRO 1.0/4.8 AF
Z Red 48-789 / 48-779 Canford SDV-HD, SDV-HD-LFH, Belden 7731A, 7731ANH, Draka 1.6/7.3 AF, HD PRO 1.6/7.3 AF

Note(2): Single / bulk, Telegartner BNC HD.

For an explanation of the terminology used in this entry and the advantages of crimping and solder termination, as well as advice on termination procedure and choice of connectors and tooling to suit specific cables, please see the linked Product Resources , 'Crimp Die Selection Chart', 'Coaxial Connector Selection Guide' and 'BNC Connectors - Terminology And Termination'.

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CANFORD COAXIAL CRIMP TOOL Blue, for Telegartner BNC HD and cable groups Q, X, Y Blue Stock code: 55-3221
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CANFORD COAXIAL CRIMP TOOL Red, for Telegartner BNC HD and cable groups J, Z Red Stock code: 55-3222
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