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Sonifex commentary units are designed to provide the audio facilities needed by commentators at sporting or news event, providing microphone inputs and comprehensive headphone monitoring and talkback controls. Available in various configurations of I/O and options of Dante enabled, these commentary units also have optional transport cases for protection and mobility.

AVN-CU2 Dante enabled commentary unit

This Dante enabled and 4-wire connection compatible commentary unit is designed to work with existing infrastructure and to ‘bridge the gap between old and new technology’. It features functionality for up to two commentators and provides two mic/line inputs along with two headphone outputs, along with support for up to 16 inputs and output channels over AoIP or up to 16 simultaneous I/O output AoIP streams.

The front panel houses the mic/line inputs on 3-pin XLR for both channels, along with locking Neutrik 6.35mm headphone outputs. Red LEDs illuminate when +48V phantom power is active on their respective channel. The rear panel houses all other I/O including a 15-pin D-sub connector for GPI/O remote control, and a RJ45 connector to provide AES3 or analogue input with a second RJ45 connector for output. The output can be assigned to talkback outputs, or microphone outputs whilst the inputs can be assigned to programme inputs or talkback inputs. They can also be used as an insert or exit point for the AoIP network. Two Neutrik EtherCON connectors (primary and secondary) along with SFP cages offer dual redundancy for network points. A 4-pin male XLR provides 12V DC connection for the AVN-DCX60 power supply.

The upper panel of the CU2 features all user controls along with a ‘bright daylight’ RGB display that allows metering of up to twenty-four audio sources within a 4-page layout. Six configurable colour-coded push-button/rotary encoders enable the user to adjust signal level and pan. Button functions and sources are configurable within the web GUI along with a mix-matrix for ‘easy and intuitive’ routing. A total of twelve illuminating configurable key-cap buttons, six above the centre section and six below; give easy access to various operations. Standard operations for these buttons include two ‘On-Air’ buttons to connect microphone audio to main AoIP/AES output, a menu button and two ‘Page’ buttons to navigate through the various TFT display options, two ‘Cough’ buttons, and four ‘T/B’ (talkback) buttons that can be configured to initiate talkback over AoIP or AES. Finally, an illuminated Sonifex logo signifies power on, whilst other LEDs indicate network clock status, AoIP Primary and Secondary status, PoE Primary, PoE Secondary, and DC power active.

Specifications to follow.

Optional accessories (available early 2019): CM-TC2 Transport Case with full foam, CM-TC3 Transport case with foam cut-outs, AVN-DCX60 12V DC Power supply.

AVN-CU4 Dante enabled commentary unit – AVAILABLE MID 2019

The AVN-CU4 is a dual version of the AVN-CU2 and is designed for up to four commentators.

Specifications to follow.

Optional accessories (available early 2019): CM-TC2 Transport Case with full foam, CM-TC1 Transport case with foam cut-outs, AVN-DCX60 12V DC Power supply.

CM-CU21 Commentary unit

CM-CU21 commentary unit is designed to be used placed on a desk top and has microphone inputs that supports most professional microphones, including the traditional ribbon lip-microphones and phantom-powered condenser models. Both mixed and direct outputs are available; the design has the capability to route four separate, incoming cue or talkback feeds to the headphones.

The upper panel has three groups of controls for commentators one, two and three. There is a LED bar-graph which shows the mix output level on a PPM scale, and LEDs to indicate the action of the limiter and power on. The commentator's microphone is turned on with a large, electronically latching 'on-air' switch, which illuminates when active. When active it feeds the output of the commentator's microphone to both the mix output and the appropriate commentator 'comm' output. Controls for commentator one and two are the same. Six rotary controls adjust the levels of the input channels for the headphone output mix. In each case the signal can be switched to left/right/both channels of the headphone output by three-way recessed toggle switches. Two large illuminated switches are provided to allow the commentator to talk to the talkback mixes A and B. The third commentator position has an on-air button, a line level input control, and two rotary controls for left and right headphone outputs.

The front panel has I/O connections and controls for the microphones and headphones. Each of the three groups of connectors and controls has an XLR input for microphone, and a stereo headphone output; locking Neutrik 6.35mm, A/B gauge jack sockets are used for the two main outputs, a non-locking type is used for the third. Adjacent to each XLR input, rotary preset controls adjust microphone gain, and a sensitivity switch offers a choice of 20dB or 50dB base gain; the preset control provides up to 30dB in addition. Channels one and two have a switch to apply phantom power to the microphone; channel three has a switch with a third position switching the channel to line input.

The rear panel has four 3-pin XLR connectors for the transformer balanced line-level cue inputs 'Prog', A, B, C which feed the headphone monitoring system. Seven 3-pin XLR connectors provide line-level outputs for the three commentator positions (after the on-air switching), talkback A and B, and the two mixed outputs. The 'comm' outputs are electronically balanced, the talkback and mix outputs are separately buffered and transformer balanced. Recessed toggle switches provide the on-air lock, gang the talkback, switch on the test-tone and activate the output limiter. The limiter switch has an associated screwdriver control to set the limiter level. The on-air lock prevents an on-air switch from being de-activated once it has been pressed. When the talkback is 'ganged', the talkback A and B buttons for the two commentators are linked respectively. An IEC inlet and a 4-pin male XLR offer the choice of AC and/or 12-24V DC power. A 15-pin D-sub connector provides general purpose inputs and outputs for the on-air and talkback push-buttons.

Microphone input: -6dBu maximum, gain +20dB to +80dB. Noise: 130dB EIN, 80dB gain, 150ohms termination. Rejection: Better than 60dB CMRR. Line input: +25dBu maximum, gain -83dB to +10dB. Rejection: 70dB CMRR. Cue inputs: +25dBu maximum, gain -70dB to +7dB. Rejection: Better than 60dB CMRR. Main outputs: +24dBu maximum. Response: +/-0.5dB, 20Hz to 22kHz. Noise: -94dB. Distortion: 0.02% THD+N, 1kHz, +8dBu; 0.065% THD+N, 1kHz, +18dBu. Headphone outputs: +19dBu maximum. Power source: 85-264VAC, 47-63Hz, 10W; 12V DC, 650mA typical, 850mA maximum; 24V DC, 325mA typical, 425mA maximum. Dimensions: 270 x 230 x 95mm (WxDxH) mm. Weight: 3.4kg.

Included accessories: Manual, AC power cable.
Optional accessories: CM-CU21CP Front Cover Plate, CM-CU21TP Transport Case.

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SONIFEX AVN-CU2 COMMENTARY UNIT 2x microphone, 2x headphone monitoring, DANTE enabled   Stock code: 95-7664
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SONIFEX AVN-CU4 COMMENTARY UNIT 4x microphone, 4x headphone monitoring, DANTE enabled   Stock code: 95-7665
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SONIFEX CM-CU21 COMMENTARY UNIT 3x microphone, 3x headphone monitoring   Stock code: 95-7661
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SONIFEX CM-CU21CP COVER PLATE For front of CM-CU21 commentary unit   Stock code: 95-7662
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SONIFEX AVN-DCX60 POWER SUPPLY 60W for AVN-CU2, 4-pin XLR   Stock code: 95-7666
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SONIFEX CM-TC3 TRANSPORT CASE For AVN-CU2 commentary unit, foam cut-outs   Stock code: 95-7657
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SONIFEX CM-TC1 TRANSPORT CASE For AVN-CU4 commentary unit, foam cut-outs   Stock code: 95-7658
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SONIFEX CM-TC2 TRANSPORT CASE Full foam   Stock code: 95-7659
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SONIFEX CM-CUTC TRANSPORT CASE For CM-CU21 commentary unit   Stock code: 95-7663
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.