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13 July 2024
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Yamaha have a rich history of digital mixing consoles spanning over 30 years. The DM series of mixers have been designed for live sound, streaming and music production, and offer 'superb sound quality', 'fast and easy setup and operation', and 'professional-level features'.


Yamaha DM3 series of digital mixing consoles comprises two models, the DM3 Standard and the DM3. The latter version of the DM3 is fully compatible with Dante technology, allowing for faster and easier setup with multiple devices. Both DM3 and DM3 Standard feature a multi-language user interface that can be configured to make operation 'simple and trouble-free' for users with different backgrounds and varying skill levels.

DM3 versions
Mic/Line In Dante In USB In Analogue Out Dante Out USB Out
DM3S 16 - 18 8 - 18
DM3 16 16 18 8 16 18

Designed for use in a live performance venue or home studio, DM3 could be used as a main mixer for a small performance, as a sub-mixer for live streaming, or part of a home DAW setup. Both DM3 and DM3 Standard mixing consoles are equipped with a 9-inch multi-touch screen and feature faders in an 8+1 configuration. A mixing capacity of 16x mono and 1x stereo input channels, 2x stereo effects returns, 6x mix buses, 2x effects sends, 1x stereo bus, and 2 matrix buses allows for a multiple configurations whether using in live or studio environment. The internal signal processing allows operation at sample rates of 96kHz and 48kHz.

The rear facing panel houses the I/O connectivity including 3-pin XLR connections for 16 mic/line inputs with recallable pre-amp settings, the last 4 of which channels are combined with TRS connections. 8x 3-pin XLR connections are available for OMNI outputs. A single RJ-45 connection enables networking, whilst a USB type-A allows for connection to a computer. Connection to the RJ-45 network terminal to a compatible router allows wireless control of the DM3 from a iPad running DM3 StageMix app. Once connected via USB to a computer, the user is able to capture 18 channels of multi-track recording. Power input is by way of single 4-pin socket for 24V power supply.

In addition to the above connectivity of the DM3 Standard, DM3 also has Dante connections that support 16 channels in and out for networking. An 'Auto Setup' feature is provided for certain devices including Yamaha Tio1608-D2 i/o rack.

The top panel of the DM3 console houses a USB type-B socket for connectivity to a portable storage device, enabling stereo audio recording and playback. A single 6.35mm TRS headphone socket is combined with rotary headphone output level controller. A 'Touch and Turn' rotary encoder allows for efficient parameter edits, while 6x user defined keys and a 'home' button allow for fast navigation and setting recalls. 6x fader bank keys allow the user to move between each layer of the DM3's inputs channels. The mixing console has 9x (8+1) 100m motorized faders with associated, illuminated keys for 'ON', 'CUE', and 'SEL'.

DM3 is compatible with a range of software applications including DM3 Editor, DM3 StageMix, MonitorMix and ProVisionaire, and it can also provide remote control capability for Digital Audio Workstation software such as Cubase and Nuendo.

DM3 is rackmountable using the optional RK-DM3 rack mount kit.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 320 x 140 x 455mm. Weight: 6.5kg


Designed for use in live sound, theatre, houses of worship, stadium, arena, corporate event, streaming, broadcast, and production, DM7 series mixing consoles 'set a new standard in operability and workflow'. Supporting sample rates up to 96kHz for superior, high-resolution sound quality, Yamaha DM7 is said to have their 'signature transparent sound', achieved by meticulously a design and construction process. Two versions of the mixing console - DM7 and DM7 Compact, with the latter being cut down in both size and channel count.

DM7 versions
Faders Inputs Outputs Sampling Touch
(Mix/Matrix/Stereo) Frequency Screen
DM7 Compact 16x 100mm 72 48/12/2 48/96kHz 1x 12.1-inch, 1x 7-inch
DM7 28x 100mm 120 48/12/2 48/96kHz 2x 12.1-inch, 1x 7-inch

Yamaha DM7 series channel strip is equipped with a number of advanced functions for convenient and intuitive sound creation. In addition to the channel EQ, which are inherited from the Rivage PM; the newly added FET limiter and Diode Bridge compressor offer expanded dynamics control. A 'mix balance' parameter allows the user to easily mix the original sound with a compressed sound and apply parallel compression. In addition, the order of EQ and Dynamics 2 can now be changed to suit the engineer's preferences. DM7 series also features the Dan Dugan automatic mixer with up to 64 channels in the channel strip as a standard feature. In cooperation with Dan Dugan sound design, the automatic mixer function can be accessed from the channel strip without the need for EQ rack resources. The input meters include a histogram display to help adjust levels

An extensive suite of plug-ins is incorporated to accommodate a wide range of applications, including VCM models of the renowned Portico 5033 equalizer and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter - both developed through close cooperation with Rupert Neve designs. Also included are Yamaha’s original plug-ins, such as the Danse dynamic noise suppressor, and the dynamic EQ, which are well known among audio engineers. The FX rack features multi-effects processors with forty-three types of effect including REV HD and REV R3. Broadcast Package and Theatre Package options are available for those looking to expand features to their applicational needs. The features include 5.1 surround support, mix minus, loudness meter, and other functions required for broadcast applications; and actor library, DCA scene grid, AFC image control, and other functions which can enhance mixing in theatrical applications.

A large 12-inch screen provides convenient operation that will allows the user to focus more energy on sound creation, and includes the selected channel view which ensures all the relevant mixing information needed is close at hand. A 7-inch utility screen allows the engineer to monitor essentials such as scene list, user defined keys, and meter at all times for quick and efficient operation. These touch screens provide fast, intuitive operability to enable a more efficient mixing experience.

Split mode turns one console into two mixers split mode allows the engineer to use one mixer as if it were two. A single DM7 series console can mix FOH and monitor, or FOH and streaming, for example.

DM7 series features a Dante interface for flexible connectivity options, with up to 144-channels I/O via Dante. A USB connection via USB type-C connector provides an 18 in/out audio interface for recording, streaming, or play back. The USB connectivity also enables additional functionality with midi control, and DAW remote features. The DAW remote function allows operations such as volume control, playback, and stop, to be performed using physical controllers such as the unit’s faders and keys. DAW remote mode can be accessed by simply pressing fader bank DCA and selecting daw remote.

Redundant power supplies a provided for reliability in situations of power failure. The dual power supply units reduce the risk of power loss resulting in downtime during a show. If a problem occurs with one power source, operation will continue unaffected as long as the second power source is active.

The DM7 series is equipped with PY expansion card slot for up to 64 in/out. The optional PY64-MD card supports 64x64 audio input/output via MADI, whilst the optional PY8-AE offers 8x8 AES/EBU via single D-sub 25-pin connector. Finally PY-MIDI-GPI, which has DIN 5-pin and D-sub 15-pin connectors, expands MIDI/GPI control terminals.

Optional accessories: PY64-MD, PY8-AE, PY-MIDI-GPI, CTL-DM7 DM7 Control, RK1 rackmount kit (DM7 Compact only)

Power requirements: 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Power consumption: 240W. Dimensions (WxDxH): 468 x 324 x 564mm, DM7 Compact; 793 x 324 x 564mm, DM7. Weight: 16.5kg, DM7 Compact; 23.5kg, DM7.


Yamaha DM7 Control is an expansion controller with a variety of physical control devices that can be used to conveniently control functions for a number of applications. These controllers include a jog wheel, 2x faders, 16x user defined keys, scene memory keys, monitor control keys, 4x user defined knobs, and a 'Panner' joystick. Additional displays show the function assigned to each control.

Note: The side pads are not included. The user should remove the required side pad from the DM7 console and position on the relevant side of the Control Expansion unit.

Included accessories: Broadcast Package, Theatre Package

Dimensions (WxDxH): 191 x 323 x 562mm. Weight: 7kg.

DEK-DM7-BR Broadcast Package

Broadcast Package adds functionality including mix minus, fader cue release, back stop PFL, audio follow video, source selection mix mode, speaker selection, loudness meter, and peak program meters (PPM). Yamaha suggest 5.1 surround will also be featured on a future update. Compatible with Yamaha DM7.

DEK-DM7-TH Theatre Package

Theatre Package adds functionality including mix minus, 4-bank EQ/DYN, actor library, DCA preset, DCA scene grid, and midi output event on scene. Yamaha suggest AFC image control will be available on a future update. Compatible with Yamaha DM7.

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YAMAHA DM3 STANDARD DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE 9x faders, 16x8 analogue I/O, 18x18 USB I/O Stock code: 95-8911
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YAMAHA DM3 DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE 9x faders, 16x8 analogue I/O, 18x18 USB I/O, 16x16 Dante I/O Stock code: 95-8912
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YAMAHA DM7 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE 16x faders, 16x16 analogue I/O, 144x144 Dante I/O Stock code: 95-8921
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YAMAHA DM7 DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE 28x faders, 32x16 analogue I/O, 144x144 Dante I/O Stock code: 95-8922
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YAMAHA DM7 CONTROL EXPANSION CONTROLLER 2x faders, 16x control keys, 4x control knob, jog wheel Stock code: 95-8925
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YAMAHA BROADCAST PACKAGE Software for DM7 series Stock code: 95-8928
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YAMAHA THEATRE PACKAGE Software for DM7 series Stock code: 95-8929
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