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CANFORD MUSA HD 3Gb/s 1080p VIDEO PATCH PANELS - Very high density - 2 x 32 way

3Gb/s 1080p HDTV, 1.5Gb/s 1080i HDTV, SDTV, Analogue and Unbalanced 75ohm AES Audio

These 32-way panels offer the highest possible density of MUSA patching. The connectors are a completely new version of the MUSA, re-designed for 3G and 1.5G high definition, standard definition and analogue video applications. The performance exceeds the requirements of SMPTE292M and SMPTE424M making them suitable for composite and component video, 270 Mb/s SDI and uncompressed 1080i or 1080p HD-SDI video up to 3Gb/s. Also suitable for unbalanced 75ohm AES digital audio. The connectors are straight-through, non-normalled, and require U-links or patchcords. Rear connection is via 75 ohm BNC sockets. Connector configuration is two rows in 1U.

The simplicity of the one-piece contacts in both panel connectors and U-links, and the non-normalled, U-link concept, means there are no complex moving parts or switch contacts, offering excellent reliability even when subjected to vibration. The body parts are nickel-plated and centre contacts are gold plated giving a smooth mating action and overcoming the 'sticktion' and tarnishing of the now obsolete silver MUSA. Solid interface insulators prevent dust ingress, meaning dust caps on unmated ports are unnecessary. Due to the close horizontal connector spacing, alternate rear BNC socket connectors have extended bodies to allow the use of most standard BNC male cable connectors.

Panels are manufactured from a rigid aluminium extrusion and are fitted with two lacing-bars and two 5mm, 444mm length, snap-on designation strips (type 1). Templates for printing designation strip labels, available as a DWG file for AutoCAD and compatible applications, can be downloaded from the appropriate product page on the Canford website.
Depth behind panel, including lacing-bar, 180mm.

Finished in Dawn Grey (BS4800-10A03), Dark Grey or Black as standard; other colours and connector layouts are available to special order but may be subject to a MOQ.

Included accessories: 2x lacing bars. 2x 5mm (type 1), 444mm designation-strip paper (not suitable for printers) and covers.
Optional accessories: 2-row 1U panels require Canford 4401 1U size U-links, see CANFORD MUSA U-LINKS - 3G HD-SDI.
Flexible patch cords, see Canford MUSA HD 3Gb/s 1080p Patchcords.
Spare 5mm, 444mm designation-strip paper (not suitable for printers) and covers (type 1), see Designation strips - snap on.
Recess rack-mounting brackets are available to recess panels within the rack, see Canford Rackbracket - Recess mounting brackets.

Technical Specification: SMPTE 292M and 424M Standards

SMPTE 292M is a standard published by SMPTE which allows for bit-rates of 1.485 Gb/s, and 1.485/1.001 Gb/s. These bit-rates are sufficient for to transport uncompressed High Definition video. This standard is usually referred to as HD-SDI and is one of a number of standards that define a Serial Digital Interface based on a coaxial cable, intended to be used for the transport of uncompressed digital video and audio in a television studio environment. SMPTE 424M develops SMPTE292M, allowing for bit-rates of 2.970 Gb/s and 2.970/1.001 Gb/s over a coaxial cable or connector panel. These bit-rates are sufficient for uncompressed 1080p video at 50 or 60 frames per second often referred to as 3G HDTV.

The stipulated interface condition (cable and connector) are: SMPTE 292M - insertion loss 20dB or less at 750MHz - return loss 15dB or less at 1.5GHz. SMPTE 424M - insertion loss 20dB or less at 1.5GHz - return loss 15dB or less at 1.5GHz and 10dB or less at 3.0GHz.

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CANFORD MUSA 3G HD PATCH PANEL 1U 2x32 MUSA 3G HD, grey Grey Stock code: 48-4381
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CANFORD MUSA 3G HD PATCH PANEL 1U 2x32 MUSA 3G HD, dark grey Dark Grey Stock code: 48-4382
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CANFORD MUSA 3G HD PATCH PANEL 1U 2x32 MUSA 3G HD, black Black Stock code: 48-4383
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5+ £341.00