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22 July 2024
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WHARTON CLOCKS - NTP Time Servers - Ethernet - 5000 Series

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The rack-mounting 5000 Series Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers allow control and synchronisation of 4000 series clocks and calendar clocks along with 4700N and 4700NIL time-zone clocks. Four versions are available offering different capacities for optional input and output modules.

Model 19 inch rack 10/100Base-T zCode digital code Positions for
height network interfaces or pulse output optional modules
5200 1U One Two Four
5201 1U One One Four
5400 (Note 1) 2U One Two Seven
5600 (Note 1) 2U Two Two Seven

Note 1: Available to special order; please contact Sales.

Synchronisation And Control - Network

10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces enable the units to act as NTP Time Servers on TCP/IP networks. The time servers can be connected to an existing TCP/IP network or form an independent system.

(NTP is a time synchronisation protocol for inconsistent-latency, packet-switched, computer networks. It abides by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard.The 5000 series all support NTP (RFC 1305 and RFC 1119), SNTP (RFC 2030 and RFC 1769), TIME (RFC 868) and DAYTIME (RFC 867) network protocols.)

In addition to their use as an Ethernet NTP time server providing accurate time to compatible devices on a network, each 5000 series unit will also function as a master clock to control and synchronise compatible digital and analogue clock systems.

Synchronisation And Control - Other Inputs

Time servers can be synchronised using optional satellite time code receivers - 488HS4-GPS, see WHARTON CLOCKS - Time Code Receivers - Satellite.

Three optional modules are available to extend the range of time reference signals to which a 5000 series time server may be synchronised:

Input type Module option code
Second radio time code synchronisation interface SYNC2
Audio frequency interface AFIN
Optical interface OPTIN

Synchronisation And Control - Other outputs

zCode output ports provide the control of clock systems and similar equipment. Each zCode port may be user-programmed to provide w482 mode, impulse mode, active DCF77 or MSF coded signal outputs. The w482 mode supports up to fifty 4000E or 4000NE series clocks.

The positions for optional output modules can be fitted with the following units, which may be fitted in the field. They are available to special order; please contact Sales.

Output type Module option code
Audio frequency interface AFOUT
Demodulated time code DEMOUT
Optical interface OPTOUT
Dual 110V DC relay LVRELAY
Dual 230V AC relay RELAY
Dual RS232/RS485 serial output port SER23


AFOUT - This adds two outputs which are independently user-programmable to generate either 1kHz amplitude modulated IRIG-B time code for the synchronisation of various voice recording, data logging and distributed control system equipment, or EBU (LTC) time code for use in broadcast applications.
DEMOUT - This has four logic level outputs. The module can be user configured to output demodulated IRIG-B, MSF or DCF time codes, a pulse per second or other user-selectable periodic signal on all four mirrored outputs.
OPTOUT - This has two independently configurable ports that can output demodulated IRIG-B, EBU or Serial ASCII data. The module has ST Fiber Optic connectors - 62.5/125um (820nm).
RELAY, LVRELAY - These have with dual independent relay contact pairs for periodic synchronised closure, signaling of error conditions and precision timed control of third party equipment. The LVRelay module has dual contact pairs rated at 110V DC, 50mA. The Relay module has dual contacts rated at 230V AC, 2A.
SER23 - This provides two additional RS232/RS485 serial output ports. Each port is user progammable for 1200-57600 Baud, 7/8 data bits, odd/even/no parity with a data format selected from over 80 predefined serial messages. Dual DB9 connection. The 5000 series network time server can have a maximum of 3 independently configured serial ports using the standard port plus one SER23 dual option module. However, multiple SER23 modules may be fitted to the same unit to provide additional buffered outputs for ports 2 and 3.

Timing Accuracy

When 4000 Series clocks are synchronised via an NTP/SNTP time server, timing accuracy is typically within 1-10 milliseconds of the master-clock time base depending on network delay and jitter (N and NE versions only).

Locked to GPS the system accuracy is typically within 5ms of UTC when the clock is synchronised via a Wharton 488.HS4-GPS receiver.

5000 series network time servers have a standard, high quality, integrated, TCXO crystal oscillator to provide an unsynchronised accuracy of less than 0.1 seconds per day at 0-45 degrees C. An optional TCXOHQ crystal oscillator may be specified to provide an unsynchronised accuracy of less than 0.01 seconds per day at 0-45 degrees C.

Power Supply

Standard units have an internal power supply for 110-230V AC, 50/60 Hz operation. The power cable has a UK plug. 24V or 48V DC operation is available as an option. Dual redundant 110-230V AC 50/60 Hz mains option is available on 5400 and 5600 product versions. This option must be factory fitted and should be specified at the time of order. Please contact Sales.

Ordering note:

All Wharton products are available from Canford. If the item required is not in this selection, please contact Sales for assistance.

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WHARTON 5200.UK NETWORK TIME SERVER, mains powered Stock code: 58-5200
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