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SONIFEX RB-DS2R REMOTE SWITCH PANEL For up to 4x RB-DS2 Delay synchroniser, 1U

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  • RB-DS2R
SONIFEX RB-DS2R REMOTE SWITCH PANEL For up to 4x RB-DS2 Delay synchroniser, 1U
SONIFEX RB-DS2R REMOTE SWITCH PANEL For up to 4x RB-DS2 Delay synchroniser, 1USONIFEX RB-DS2R REMOTE SWITCH PANEL For up to 4x RB-DS2 Delay synchroniser, 1USONIFEX RB-DS2R REMOTE SWITCH PANEL For up to 4x RB-DS2 Delay synchroniser, 1U


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RoHS Status Compliant


With both balanced analogue and AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs, the RB-DS2 can act as a combined A/D and D/A unit with delay in stereo or dual mono, or a mixture of digital and analogue connections can be used on input and output. Uses include resynchronising audio to video following delay processes such as standards conversion, transmission delay, logo insertion, video aspect ratio conversion and network delays, or with the internal compact flash option to provide delay times of over 69 hours, for example, to delay a programme output across different time-zones, or to shift a broadcast programme by one hour for a satellite rebroadcast.


Intended for both fixed installations to correct a permanent audio delay, or on an intermittent basis to provide occasional correction, for example for live links, the RB-DS2 accepts digital audio signals up to 96kHz, 24-bit and can provide up to 10.5 seconds of delay at that rate. An internal expansion socket can accept a 16GB Compact Flash card, providing delay times of over 69 hours at a 32kHz, 16-bit rate.

The front panel has a large bypass button which diverts both analogue and digital inputs to their outputs. Since electro-mechanical relays are used, this occurs automatically if power is disconnected. A blue vacuum fluorescent display with rotary controller is used for selecting the various settings of the delay, which include the source (analogue or digital), channels, sample-rate, sample bit-width, format (PAL or NTSC), delay units and the delay itself. Additionally, input peak digits can be selected from +12dBu, +18dBu and +24dBu for FSD. (Pre-set trim controls on the rear panel alter the gain +/-3dB about the selected peak digits.) The analogue output gain range can be altered in software from -6dBu to +24dBu output level, ref FSD; both analogue and digital outputs can be muted separately. Delay times can be selected in samples, fields, frames, milliseconds, metres and, with the Compact Flash expansion, in hh:mm:ss. Frame and field definitions can be for PAL (25 frame) or NTSC (30 frame) signals.

All of the settings in the unit can be saved to one of eight configuration settings. These configurations can be viewed, edited, saved and loaded, and also remotely loaded by using one of the eight remote control (GPI) contacts, so that any setting, such as delay time or bypass, can be altered instantaneously using a GPI signal. The GPI signals can also be set to act using the delay configured. The RS232 serial port, which is used for software upgrades, can also be used for remotely controlling the unit and there are four remote outputs which can be used for signalling. The front panel controls can be locked-out for situations where remote control is being used to run the unit, or where physical security is required. Control software for Windows platforms may be downloaded freely from the Sonifex website.

The rear panel has two 3-pin female XLR electronically balanced inputs with level trim controls, accessible by screwdriver. Two 3-pin male XLR connectors provide electronically balanced outputs. Digital connections are a 3-pin female XLR and a 3-pin male XLR for AES/EBU input and output. A 15-pin male D-sub connector provides remote control inputs and outputs; a 9-pin version serves as the RS232 port. Power is supplied through an IEC inlet, with associated fuseholder.

Analogue audio input: +28dBu maximum, 10kohms, balanced. Noise: Better than -101dBFS RMS, A-weighted, 24-bit. Distortion: better than 96dB THD + N, 1kHz, ref +8dBu. Sampling frequency: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 64kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. Sample width: 16-bit or 24-bit. Analogue audio output: +24dBu maximum, 50ohms, balanced. Dynamic range: 100dB. Power source: 85-264V AC, 47-63Hz, 60W peak, 30W average. Dimensions: 480(w) x 158(d) x 42(h) mm. Weight: 1.7kg.

Signal As standard With 16GB CF card With 2GB CF card
96kHz, 24-bit stereo 10720ms 05:47:13 hh:mm:ss 00:45:22 hh:mm:ss
96kHz, 24-bit mono 21440ms 11:34:26 hh:mm:ss 01:30:44 hh:mm:ss
32kHz, 16-bit stereo 64320ms 34:43:20 hh:mm:ss 04:32:20 hh:mm:ss
32kHz, 16-bit mono 128640ms 69:26:40 hh:mm:ss 09:04:40 hh:mm:ss

Included accessories: Handbook, AC power cordset with plug.
Optional accessories: The RB-RK3 (1U) rear-panel kit allows the device to be rack-mounted in reverse, with connectors outward. RB-DS2R Remote Switch Panel. A Compact Flash card supporting PIO Mode 4 or higher, up to 16GB capacity, may be fitted internally. Microdrives are not supported.

RB-DS2R Remote Panel

The RB-DS2R is a remote panel for controlling up to four separate RB-DS2 units. The 1U 19-inch rack-mounting panel has four rotary switches, each with eight available selections numbered 0 to 7, used for selecting the delay time in frames. On the rear of the unit are four 15-way D-sub connectors for connecting to the remote input of RB-DS2 units. The RB-DS2R is passive; there is no power supply.

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