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14 July 2024
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TP-BN14 - Microphone Interface, Dante

RDL TP-BN14 is a bidirectional Dante network interface for tabletop use in meeting halls, conference rooms or courtrooms. The unit provides a shock-mounted 3-pin XLR microphone input with a mute button, and a front-panel 2watt amplified speaker provides monitoring of a specific audio mix.

The microphone to network section converts a single microphone source to a Dante network channel, with mute button providing either output on/off toggling or momentary muting. An automatic microphone gain of 40dB for condenser mics and 60dB for dynamic mics is employed, resulting in user/installer gain adjustment not required.

TP-BN14 provides a front-panel headphone output via stereo 3.5mm mini jack. The headphone output has an associated four input source selector with LEDs indicating the selected source. The front panel level control is a long-life potentiometer controlling a VCA. Audio does not pass through this control giving longevity of use. The output amplifiers drive high or low impedance headphones delivering more than 90mW into 100Ohms. The headphone output is often used to listen to sources using different language translations. A 2watt RMS amplifier powers the inbuilt speaker and employs compression and limiting to prevent clipping. The amplifier gain control is accessible through the bottom of the chassis and can be pre-set by the installer.

TP-BN14 may be powered from a 24Vdc power supply, available separately, or from PoE.

Network connector: RJ45 Ethercon. Digital audio Ethernet protocol: Dante. Transmission rate:100 Mbps. Sample rates supported: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (default). Bit depth supported: 24 bits. Audio operating levels: -20 dBFS = +4 dBu. Microphone input: Balanced 3-pin XLR. Gain: Automatic; 40 dB for condenser mics, 60 dB for dynamic mics. Input level (for +4dBu -20dBFS): -56dBu, -36dBu maximum, dynamic; -36dBu, -19dBu maximum (unclipped), -14dBu maximum (soft clipped), condenser. Input impedance: Greater than 1kOhm. Phantom power: P48, 48 Vdc. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz. THD+N: Less than 0.1%. Noise below +4dBu (-20dBFS): less than -70dB. CMRR: Greater than 70dB, 50 Hz to 120 Hz. Network to headphone output: Stereo 3.5mm mini jack, 90mW per channel (into 100 ohms), mono source. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0, -3 dB, into 100 Ohms). THD+N: less than 0.2% (1 kHz, 10mW). Noise: Less than -70 dB (below 10mW with a -18dBFS input). Network to speaker output power: 2 Watts RMS. Frequency range: 150Hz to 20kHz, nominal. Ambient operating environment: 0-40 degrees Celsius. Power requirement: 24 Vdc at 300 mA, or PoE. PoE: Class 0, IEEE 802.3af. Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.7 x 7.24 x 17.8cm. Weight: 1.347kg

TP-HA1A - Headphone Amplifier

Radio Design Labs TP-HA1A is intended for use in conjunction with other modules from the RDL Format-A range, to feed a pair of headphones and provide a volume control to adjust the level. The amplifier is fed with both stereo audio and power via a standard, 4-pair, twisted pair cable such as those used in cabling buildings for IT and telecoms purposes.

The four-pair cable must be fed by a suitable RDL Format-A sender or senders, see below. The headphone amplifier has an RJ45 input socket, and a similar, parallel-connected, loop-out connector to feed additional RDL Format-A modules. Since the Format-A receivers have high impedance, bridging inputs, up to ten receiver modules may be connected to a single Format-A chain. All three signal pairs, A, B and C are connected through as is the fourth pair, which is used for power. The amplifier uses pairs B and C for the left and right audio signals, leaving pair A free for use by other Format-A modules.

All Format-A active modules require a source of power at 24V DC, with a capability to provide sufficient current for all the modules connected to the chain. The TP-HA1A is protected by an automatically resetting fuse.

TP-HA1A is built in a metal case which mounts to a flat surface; the base plate has cut-outs to pass cables pre-wired with RJ45 plugs and apertures for mounting hardware. The top cover is removed for while mounting, then replaced and attached with a single screw. The front panel is fitted with a single three-pole, 3.5mm jack socket and a rotary volume control.

Optional accessories: RDL Format-A sender module(s), power inserters with power supplies, see RDL POWER SUPPLIES, or any other Format-A module which supplies power on the chain in use.


The RDL Format-A system is a proprietary scheme which links modular components together using cable types commonly used for communications and IT infrastructure, such as the Category 5 UTP cable used for Ethernet. Such a cable will have four pairs of wires, twisted together. The RDL scheme uses one pair to distribute power and three pairs, designated A, B and C, for up to three balanced, audio connections.

The audio connections over Format-A systems are analogue; for absolute clarity, please note that the fact that the type of cable used might otherwise be used for Ethernet does not imply in any way that the Format-A system uses any form of digital transmission between Format-A nodes, not Ethernet, not audio over IP, not DANTE or similar.

Note: Some RDL DANTE modules are available which have analogue inputs and outputs wired to the Format-A standard. The signals connected to those inputs and outputs must be analogue connections from other Format-A modules. The network connections to these modules will then convert the analogue Format-A signals to digital DANTE signals for transfer over the network.

For further information see RDL FORMAT-A SYSTEM

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RDL TP-BN14 MICROPHONE INTERFACE Dante, 1x microphone input, headphone output, speaker, desktop Stock code: 57-2432
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RDL TP-HA1A HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Stereo, Format-A RJ45 In & Thru, 3.5mm jack out, volume control Stock code: 57-2431
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RDL PS-24AX-EU POWER SUPPLY Universal, 24 volt, 500mA, Euro plug Stock code: 57-404
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RDL PLUG-AX-EU SPARE PART EU Plug for PS-24AX power supply Stock code: 57-406
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RDL RC-HPS3 RACKMOUNT TRAY For 3 desktop PSUs, 10.4-inch rackmount, 1U Stock code: 57-409
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RDL RC-PS5 RACKMOUNT TRAY For 5x PS-24V3, 1U Stock code: 57-408
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RDL DRA-35P DIN RAIL ADAPTER For 1x PS-24V3 Stock code: 58-555
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