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13 April 2024
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Stock code
Model number
  • 044901
  • InVision USM
  • USM


A series of Rycote suspensions designed to offer protection against noise incurred by movement whilst on stand, handheld, or on boom pole. These suspensions are popular amongst TV and film sound engineers.

Modular Suspensions

Modular suspension provides support for the microphone and the other accessories. It is a central bar fitted with two Lyre clips. The microphone is supported by the Universal Lyre clips (for microphones between diameters of 19-25mm). There are four different bar (module) lengths; 1, 2, 3 correspond to small, medium and large respectively. Half module types are a special case. See below. Sizes 1, 2 and 3 are moulded from a black, reinforced glass polymer incorporating a UV stabilizer to prevent UV light deterioration and a rubber additive to prevent it being brittle, making it up to 60% stronger than the alternative metal bar. Other sizes are made from machined aluminium and hard-anodized in black.

'Mono' type single microphone body have two Lyre clips, to take a single microphone body. The name 'Mono' should be treated with caution since it refers to the suspension holding a single microphone which may be either mono or stereo. They are offered in three different sizes, each of which can accommodate various different microphones by using five different varieties of Lyre suspensions. Please see the compatibility chart below to select the appropriate size.

'Stereo' types – for one or two microphone bodies have two Lyre clips, to take a single microphone body, and, in general, are supplied with back-to-back clips to suit two microphone bodies mounted parallel to each other. The term 'Stereo' should be treated with caution, because certain larger single-body mono microphones require the larger diameter windshield and accessories in order to fit.

Included accessories: Pistol-grip with 3/8″ thread socket, lightweight boom adaptor (also 3/8″ socket), a clip-on XLR holder, a set of virtually unbreakable Universal Lyres for 19-25mm diameter microphones, a pair of square MKH Lyre clips and a hex key for adjustments.

Optional accessories: Connboxes, Modular Windshields, Hi Wind covers, Windjammers. Lyre clips for microphones with larger diameter (30mm) must be used with some models, with heavier microphones requiring grey, 30mm, 'heavy duty' lyre clips.

Versions 040139, 040144, 040146, and 040151 also include CB 1 Connbox with 3-pin female XLR termination.

InVision Broadcast Suspensions

The InVision Broadcast microphone suspension range is aimed at isolating small to medium-length microphones from rumble and handling-noise where a discreet low profile is essential. All use Rycote's patented 'Lyre' suspension system. This uses no rubber or elastic components to isolate the microphone from unwanted shocks and handling noises.

The shape of the Lyre provides the exact amount of compliance required for the microphone to isolate the capsule from the vibrations and handling noise. They can be used for a wide range of compact microphone series, 'remote capsule' systems and some short to medium-bodied small-diaphragm microphones. The materials used allow the working temperature of the suspension, from -35 to over 100 degrees C, to exceed that of elastic or rubber-based shock-mounts and suspensions.

Each suspension is made up of a base, referred to as a 'bar', and two 'lyres' fitted with moulded 'clips' to hold the microphone. Some models are supplied with a reducing sleeve.


These consist of a cylindrical base with a threaded aperture to take standard 3/8 inch BSW threaded studs as are fitted to microphone stands, with a hinged swivel-joint connecting to a platform with mounting positions for two lyres. Bars are available in two sizes, small and large, which have mounting holes on 25mm and 70mm spacing respectively. All have an integral, moulded, cable-clamp on the base, which is graduated to suit a range of common cables, to reduce the cable-induced noise reaching the microphone.


These screw onto the bar, and have moulded clips of varying sizes, which attach to the microphone. Lyres are available in two sizes, 'InVision' (INV-1, INV-2, INV-3) and 'Standard' (INV-4 to INV-9), which are 43mm and 70mm wide respectively. InVision suspension types are designed for use in studio and installed sound applications and do not have the ability to be used in conjunction with a windshield. Lyres have two different hardness grades. Standard grade lyres suit the models in the compatibility chart either without or with lightweight foam windshields. For longer or heavier microphones, or where a heavier windshield is used, a different lyre is used; the Softie lyre mount, INV-7HG-MKIII is available to fit the same size microphones as INV-7, INV-8 and INV-9. Standard lyre suspension webs are available to fit Rycote modular suspensions, windshield kits and the S-series. InVision types present a less bulky appearance, useful for use when in camera view.


Both sizes of lyre are available with a variety of clips, which differ in size to suit different microphone diameters from 9.5mm to 30mm. They are cleverly designed to suit cylindrical and square 'MKH' series (25mm) microphones.

Reducing Sleeves

Mainly for use with microphone capsules used remotely from the pre-amplifier, these clip onto the microphone connector, and or cable, leaving the capsule body free to be fitted with a windshield. Reducing sleeves are supplied with the INV-1 and INV-4.

Included accessories: All suspensions are supplied with a brass, 3/8 inch BSW male to 5/8 inch female adapter, to mount the base on 5/8 inch mounting studs.


At 115g, these lightweight suspension mounts have been designed specifically for interior boom work and are compatible with Softie-Lite windscreens. INV-Lite 19 is suitable for microphones with a diameter of 19mm; INV-Lite 21 is suitable for microphones with a 21mm diameter. Both types are compatible with microphones up to 210mm in length and 120g in weight. Includes 1x brass male 3/8 inch to female 5/8inch adaptor.

InVision Broadcast Compatibility Chart

This table contains details of suitable suspensions for some common microphones and microphone combinations. For assistance in selecting an Invision suspension to suit alternative microphones, please contact Technical Support.

Manufacturer Model Static Boom
AKG C 747 INV-1 INV-4
C 430 INV-3 INV-6
C 568 EB, CK 1 + C 451, CK 1 / CK61 / CK63 + C 460 INV-7 INV-7
CK 91 / CK 92 / CK 93 + SE300 B, D 130 INV-7 INV-7
CK XX-ULS capsules + C 451 / C 460 / C 480 INV-7 INV-7
Ambient TinyMic INV-1 INV-4
Audio-Technica AT 803b, AT 831b, AT 853a, ATM 350 INV-1 INV-4
ES 933C / CW / H / ML / WH / WML INV-1 INV-4
PRO35, PRO45, PRO70 INV-1 INV-4
AT 3527, AT 3528, AT 4053a, AT 8004, AT 804 INV-6 INV-6
ATM 10a, ATM 33a, ATM 450, ES 973 INV-6 INV-6
PRO24, PRO24-CM, PRO37 INV-6 INV-6
AT 3031, AT 3032, AT 4041 INV-7 INV-7
AT 4049a, AT 4051a, AT 4073a (BP4073) INV-7 INV-7
AT 822, AT 825 (AT8022), AT 835ST (BP4029) INV-7 INV-7
AT 875R, AT 897 INV-7 INV-7
AV Leader AVL 125, AVL 135, AVL 600, AVL 680, AVL 800 INV-7 INV-7
PHM 903 , PMM 29, VPM 10, VPM 11 INV-7 INV-7
AVE Stuttgart ACM 20 INV-7 INV-7
Azden SG(M)-1X, SG(M)-2X cardioid / omni, SMX-10 INV-7 INV-7
Bauer C2 INV-3 INV-6
BeyerDynamic M160, M201, M69, M88 INV-7 INV-7
MC 836, MC713, MC718, MC723, MC728 INV-7 INV-7
MCE 86 N (C) S, MCE 87vs INV-7 INV-7
ClockAudio C 850 E INV-7 INV-7
DPA 4023, 4028, 4033, 4036, 4052, 4053 INV-1 INV-4
4021, 4022, 4027 INV-3 INV-6
4011, 4017 INV-7 INV-7
4017B, 4017C, 4018 INV-LITE 19 INV-LITE 19
Earthworks SR 20, SR 25, SR 30, SR 30/4C INV-7 INV-7
Edirol CS-50 INV-7 INV-7
JZ Microphones BT-201 INV-7 INV-7
M-Audio Pulsar II INV-6 INV-6
MBHO KA series + MBP 648A INV-1 INV-4
MBNM 410 INV-3 INV-6
Milab VM-44 INV-1 INV-4
Neumann KM 100 series / KM-D series, remote capsule INV-2 INV-5
KM 100 series INV-6 INV-6
KM 100 F, KM 183 / 184 / 185, KM-D series, KMR 81i INV-7 INV-7
RSM 190, RSM 191 INV-8 INV-8
Nevaton MC 401, MC 49 INV-7 INV-7
Oktava MC 012 INV-7 INV-7
Paso MC 250 INV-7 INV-7
Pearl MS 2, MS 8, MSH10 INV-7 INV-7
Rode NT-6 INV-2 INV-5
NT5, NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-3 INV-7 INV-7
Samson CL 2, CO 2, CMS 2 / 7 / 9, CS 1 / 3, CUW-180 INV-7 INV-7
Sanken CS-1e INV-LITE 19 INV-LITE 19
Schoeps CCM series, Lg, Lemo INV-1 INV-4
CCM series, Ug, fixed cable, CMC series, KC cable INV-2 INV-5
CMC series, with or without Cut 1, CMIT 5u INV-7 INV-7
Sennheiser ME 36 INV-1 INV-4
MKH 20, MKH 30, MKH 40, MKH 50 INV-7 INV-7
MKH8000 series, remote capsule INV-2 INV-5
MKH8060, MKH8050, MKH8040, MKH8020 INV-LITE 19 INV-LITE 19
MKH8000 series + MZX8000 INV-3 INV-6
e906 INV-6 INV-6
ME62 / ME64 / ME65 / ME66 + K6, ME80 +K3U INV-7 INV-7
MKE 44P, MKH 406, MKH 416 INV-7 INV-7
Shure KSM 109, KSM 137, KSM 141 INV-7 INV-7
SM 81, SM 94, VP 64A, VP 64AL INV-7 INV-7
SM 57, SM 58 INV-9 INV-9
Sony ECM 670 INV-7 INV-7
ECM 959, ECM 979, ECM 999 INV-8 INV-8

Note: The suspension types in the above table have standard lyres. A suspension with harder-grade lyres, the INV-7HG-MKIII, is available to fit the same size microphones as INV-7 and INV-8 that have a heavier weight.

InVision Video Suspensions

These members of the InVision range are shock-mount and suspension systems for fitting microphones between 9.5 and 25mm in diameter and up to 300mm in length, depending on model, to camcorders and digital SLR cameras. Most are fitted to the camera hot-shoe; others screw into a standard quarter-inch thread, available on some camcorders, or by means of separately available adapters.

In each case the microphone is suspended in two of Rycote's W-shaped patented Lyre mounts, which provide 'substantially better isolation from camera motor and drive noise and vibrations than traditional on-camera microphone mounts'. Since there are no elasticated parts, the mounts never sag or need re-threading.

042901 - Hot Shoe

A 'universal' plastic clip is supported by two Lyres which are in turn supported by a 'modular' bar. The modular bar includes a moulded cable clip, and is connected to one end of a transverse bar by a bolt with thumbscrew. The modular bar can swivel on the transverse bar and be moved along it's length and then fixed in position using the thumbscrew. At the other end of the transverse bar a hot-shoe adapter is fitted using a thumb-screw about which it can swivel a full 360 degrees in the horizontal plane. As a result the microphone can be positioned as desired in the horizontal plane, but remains fixed in the vertical plane.

The universal clip is suited to microphones 19 - 25mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in length.

042902 - 1/4 inch Adapter

Substantially the same as the 042901, this model does not have a hot shoe mount, it is substituted by a standard quarter-inch threaded screw which fits to a female thread and is locked using a thumbscrew. It is otherwise the same.

InVision USM Studio Suspensions

InVision USM series studio mounts use Rycote’s patented ‘Lyre’ technology to suspend studio microphones safely, and isolate them from the low-frequency thumps and rumbles that are transmitted through microphone stands. Due to the superior self-damping of the ‘Lyres’ they offer much better isolation across the whole audio spectrum, particularly in the 40-70 Hz region, than conventional elastic suspensions, which can sometimes have a negative effect at these critical frequencies, if not matched to the particular microphone. The mounts are designed to provide equal isolation around 360 degrees and are thus suitable for all side-address microphones; omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-of-eight microphones can be oriented vertically or horizontally.

Microphones are locked in the mounts by four soft, rubber grips on the end of precision-made stainless-steel thumbscrews with ridged plastic heads. The screws can be adjusted by hand to fit almost any shape and profile within 18-55 mm. The grip surface of the pads allows the mounts to hold the microphone securely, even when positioned head-down, with minimal pressure from the screws. Note that microphones must be fitted into the mounts so that their centre of gravity is close to the level of the outer ring of the mount.

044901 044903 044912 044918
Microphone diameter (1) 18-55mm 18-55mm 55-68mm 55-68mm
Microphone length (1) 300mm 300mm 300mm -
Microphone weight, horizontal (1) 750g 750g 900g 450g
Microphone weight, vertical (1) 500g 250g 500g 250g
Lyre colour black red black red

Note (1): maximum

Common specifications

Suspension weight: 154g. Overall diameter: 120mm. Length: 170mm. Depth: 70mm. Suspension rotation: 175 degrees. Thread: 3/8 and 5/8 inch.

InVision USM Studio Compatibility Chart

This table contains details of suitable suspensions for some common microphones and microphone combinations. The table also shows the orientation for mounting with any particular microphone and suspension combination. For assistance in selecting an Invision USM suspension to suit alternative microphones, please contact Technical Support.

Brand Model Orientation Invision Suspension
ADK A-51 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
A-51 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
A-51TC Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
A-51TC Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Area 51 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Area 51 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Hamburg Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Hamburg Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Vienna Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Vienna Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
AKG C 1000 S Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
C 12 VR Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
C 2000 B Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
C 214 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C 28 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C 3000 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
C 4000 B Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
C 414 B-TL II Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
C 414 B-ULS Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C 414 B-Xlii Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C 414 B-XLS Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
C 426 B Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
C 426 B Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C 4500 B-BC Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
C 522 ENG Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
C 522 MS Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
D 202 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
D 224 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
D 230 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Perception 100 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Perception 100 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Perception 200 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Perception 200 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Perception 400 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SolidTube Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Aston Mics Aston Mics Origin Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Aston Mics Spirit Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Audio-Technica AE 2500-c Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AE 2500-d Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AE 3000 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AT 2020 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AT 2035 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 2035 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
AT 2050 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 2050 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
AT 3035 USM-L (044903)
AT 3060 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 3060 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
AT 3525 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AT 4033a/CL Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AT 4040 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
AT 4047/SV Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 4047/SV Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
AT 4050 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 4060 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
AT 4060 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
ATM 250 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
ATM 250DE-c Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
ATM 250DE-d Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Audix CX-111 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CX-111 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
CX-112 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CX-112 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
CX-212 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CX-212 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
D-6 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Behringer B1 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
B2 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
B2 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
C1 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
C1 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Berliner Microphones USA U7 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
USA U7 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
BeyerDynamic M 99 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
M 99 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MC 740 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MC 742 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MC 742 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MC 834 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MC 840 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MCD 100 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MCD 101 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MCE 90 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Blue Baby Bottle Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
The Kiwi Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
The Mouse Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Bock Audio Bock 151 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Bock 151 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Bock 195 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Bock 195 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Bock 251 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Bock 251 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
CAD Professional Microphones E350 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
GXL 2200 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
GXL 2400 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
GXL M37 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
GXL3000 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
GXL3000 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
M177 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
M177 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
M179 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
VX2 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Canford CSM41 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CSM41 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Electrovoice RE 1000 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
RE 20 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
RE27N/D Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
RE27N/D Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
JZ Microphones JZ-1 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
JZ-2 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Lawson L251 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
L47C Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
L47MP Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
L47S Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Manley Laboratories CR-2001 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CR-2001 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Langevin CR-3A Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Langevin CR-3A Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Marshall Electronics 770 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
909 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
909 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
960 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
990 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
992 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
1006 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
1006 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
2001 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
2001 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
2003 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
2003 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
2006 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
2006 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
DRK Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
DRK Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
M3 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
M3 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V6 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V6 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V67 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V67 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V67i Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V67i Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V69 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V69 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V76t Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V76t Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V77 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V77 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
V88 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
V88 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
M-Audio Luna Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Luna Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Nova Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Nova Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Solaris Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Solaris Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Sputnik Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Sputnik Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Microtech Gefell M 930 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
M 940 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
M 990 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
UM 92.1 S Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
UM 92.1 S Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
UM 930 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Milab DC-196 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
DC-96B Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
DM1001 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
DM1001 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
EMBLA Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
SRND 360 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
VIP-50 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Mojave Audio MA 200 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MA 200 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MA-201 fet Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MA-201 fet Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Nady SCM 1000 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SCM 1000 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SCM 800 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
SCM 900 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SCM 900 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SCM 910 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SCM 910 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SCM 920 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SCM 920 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SCM 950 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
SCM 960 USM-L (044903)
SCM 980 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SCM 980 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TCM 1050 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TCM 1050 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TCM 1100 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TCM 1100 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Neumann D-01 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
SM 69 fet Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SM 69 fet Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 102 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
TLM 103 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 103 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 103D Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 103D Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 107 USM VB-L (044918)
TLM 127 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
TLM 170 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 170 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 170 R Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
TLM 193 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 193 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 50 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 50 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TLM 67 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TLM 67 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
U 67 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U 67 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
U 87 Ai Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U 89 I Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U 89 I Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Oktava MC 101 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
MC 219 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MC 219 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MC 220 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MC 220 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MCL-319 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MCL-319 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MKL4000 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
MKL4000 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
MKL5000 USM-VB (044912)
ML 52 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Pearl CC 22 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
CC 22H Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
CT40 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CT40 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
DS 60 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
DS 60 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
DT 40 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
DT 40 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
ELM-B Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
ELM-C Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
PML-CT40 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
PML-CT40 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
PML-DT40 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
PML-DT40 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TL 4 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Peavey StudioProM1 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
StudioProM2 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Peluso 22 251 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
22 251 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
22 47 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
P Stereo Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
P Stereo Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
P12 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
P12 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
P-248 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
P28 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
R14 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
R14 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SR14 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SR14 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
TR14 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
TR14 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
VTB Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
VTB Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
RODE Broadcaster Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Broadcaster Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Classic II USM-VB (044912)
M3 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
NT1 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
NT1000 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
NT1000 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
NT1-A Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
NT2 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
NT2 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
NT3 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
NT3 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Royer SF12 USM-L (044903)
Samson CL7 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CL7 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Sanken CU-44X Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
SE Electronics R1 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
R1 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Z2200 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Z5600a II Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Sennheiser MK4 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
Shure KSM27 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
KSM32 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
KSM44 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
KSM44 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Sony C-800 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
C-800g Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
Soundelux E250 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
E250 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
E251C Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
E251C Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
E47 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
e47C Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
ELUX 251 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
ELUX 251 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
ifet7 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
R-1 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
R-1 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
U195 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U195 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
U97 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U97 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
U99 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
U99 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Soundfield MKV Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
ST 350 Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
Soundking SKEA001 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
SKEA002 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
SKEA006 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SKEA006 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SKEA008 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SKEA008 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SKEB001 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SKEB001 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
SKEB004 Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
SKEB004 Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
Superlux CM-H8A Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CM-H8A Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
CM-H8B Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CM-H8B Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
CM-H8C Angled/vertical use USM (044901)
CM-H8C Vertical use only USM-L (044903)
ECO-H6A Angled/vertical use USM-L (044903)
PRA-H7A Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)
TL Audio TL TL5000 Angled/vertical use USM-VB (044912)

InVision USM Studio Kits

Each kit includes a single InVision USM suspension along with a single InVision Universal Pop Filter.

Kit contents

Nano Shield Lyre Compatibility Chart

Brand Model Nano Shield Kit Lyre Size Colour
Audio-Technica AT897 NS5-DC 62-Shore Blue
AT4073 NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
DPA MMP-C NS1-BA 55-Shore Red
4017B NS4-DB 62-Shore Blue
4017C NS2-CA 62-Shore Blue
Neumann KM100 NS1-BA 62-Shore Blue
KMR81i NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
Rode NTG1 NS4-DB 62-Shore Blue
NTG5 NS3-CB 62-Shore Blue
NTG4 NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
NTG2 NS5-DC 68-Shore Green
NTG3 NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
NTG4+ NS5-DC 68-Shore Green
Sanken CS-M1 NS1-BA 62-Shore Blue
CS-1 NS3-CB 62-Shore Blue
CS-2 NS4-DB 62-Shore Blue
CS-3e NS5-DC 68-Shore Green
Schoeps CCM NS0-AA 55-Shore Red
CMC1 NS0-AA 55-Shore Red
CCMC6 NS2-CA 62-Shore Blue
MiniCMIT NS2-CA 62-Shore Blue
CMC6+ cut NS3-CB 62-Shore Blue
CMIT 5U NS4-DB 62-Shore Blue
Super CMIT NS5-DC 62-Shore Blue
Sennheiser MKH8040/MZL NS0-AA 55-Shore Red
MKH8040/MZX NS1-BA 55-Shore Red
MKH8050/MZX NS1-BA 55-Shore Red
MKH40 NS2-CA 62-Shore Blue
MKH50 NS2-CA 62-Shore Blue
ME66 K6 NS6-DD 62-Shore Blue
MKE600 NS4-DB 62-Shore Blue
MKH60 NS5-DC 62-Shore Blue
MKH8060 NS3-CB 68-Shore Green
MKH416 NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
Sony ECM670 NS4-DB 68-Shore Green
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RYCOTE 040139 SUSPENSION X-SMALL Modular, 2x Single Lyre 62, Connbox CB1, XLR-3F Stock code: 74-7271
Ordered on demand, available in 3‑4 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 040144 SUSPENSION MEDIUM 72 Modular, 2x Single Lyre 72, Connbox CB1, XLR-3F Stock code: 74-7274
Ordered on demand, available in 3‑4 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 040151 SUSPENSION LARGE 72 DUO Modular, 2x Duo-Lyre 72, Connbox CB1, XLR-3F Stock code: 74-7278
Ordered on demand, available in 3‑4 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 037306 INVISION SOFTIE LYRE MOUNT CCA For microphones 19-25mm in diameter, with CCA Stock code: 74-755
Ordered on demand, available in 1‑2 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 037304 INVISION SOFTIE CCA Camera or boom, not including Lyre mount Stock code: 74-757
Ordered on demand, available in 3‑4 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 037324 INVISION SOFTIE LYRE MOUNT MHR For shotgun microphones 19-25mm diameter Stock code: 74-7581
Ordered on demand, available in 3‑4 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
RYCOTE 037335 MHR ADAPTER Replaces microphone holder on camera