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SONIFEX RB-LC3 Light/power controller

Stock code
Model number
  • RB-LC3
SONIFEX RB-LC3 Light/power controller
SONIFEX RB-LC3 Light/power controllerSONIFEX RB-LC3 Light/power controller


The RB-LC3 is a triple-output switching unit for controlling external indicators operating on AC supply voltages, primarily studio status lights for broadcasting applications, such as On-Air, Mic-Live and Rehearsal / Live lights. Each output can be individually controlled by one of three remote-control inputs, by a telephony input (when ringing, or off-hook, or both), or a combination of two inputs (to control two outputs, for Rehearsal/Live applications or similar).

The type of control is set using a 12-way DIP switch. There are four switches for each output, allowing 16 different settings. Remote control inputs can be “pulled” high or low to operate the light. All connections are on the rear panel. The three IEC outputs are controlled by zero-crossing point drivers to reduce interferance. When an output is activated, the AC voltage at that output will be equal to the mains input voltage used to power the unit. A pre-set potentiometer on the rear panel controls the flash rate of the output when the appropriate mode is selected. Neon indicators on each power socket show the status of the AC output.

The telephone line input and handset output are via two RJ11-4 type connectors. The telephone connections are wired pin-to-pin from line to handset except when the remote “ring mute” control input is asserted. In this case the ring signal to the handset is muted. The status of the telephone line is continually monitored so that Handset ringing and off-hook conditions can be indicated. Inputs: One telephone line, RJ11-4 socket; remote control, 0V- 5V DC, 15-way D-sub. Outputs: Handset , RJ11-4 socket; remote control, open-collector 20mA sink capability, sharing D-sub connector. Switched AC outputs: three, IEC, 1A fused. Included accessories: Handbook, IEC supply cable with plug. Optional accessories: RB-RK1, RB-RK2 1U rackmount kits.

Power source:110V-240V auto-adjusting, fused, 6W plus power to load, IEC inlet
Dimensions:280(w) x 108(d) x 42(h) mm
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SONIFEX RB-LC3 Light/power controller Stock code: 95-697
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