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These remote I/O interfaces utilise DANTE to operate in conjunction with Yamaha's QL1 and QL5 mixing consoles. Once implemented the operator gains remote inputs and/or outputs away from the front of house mixing console yet maintain full digital control of the signal processing. See Yamaha mixers - QL Series - DANTE capable.


Yamaha's Rio1608-D2 is a 3U rack-mountable, remote I/O, designed to work seamlessly alongside QL and CL ranges of digital mixing consoles as well as RIVAGE and PM series consoles. With 16 balanced analogue XLR inputs and 8 balanced XLR outputs the Rio1608-D2 can be utilised as a stage box to reduce the audio cable runs to the front of house mixer. Equally it could be positioned in the live room of a studio with the benefits of a single DANTE network cable run back to the control room console. The DANTE network protocol gives flexibility in terms of scalability whereby a user can link multiple Rio interfaces to their QL mixing console to increase the number of I/O connections available.

Sampling rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz are supported in the Rio1608-D2 and across the R series I/O racks. To retain a consistently transmitted sound level when multiple compatible mixing consoles are connected to a single Rio1608-D2, a digital-stage gain compensation feature automatically compensates for analogue gain adjustments made by the operator. Operation can be handled without the need for a QL series console via the R Remote application for Mac OS X.

Power consumption: 72W. Dimensions: 3U, 480 x 132 x 368mm (WxHxD). Weight: 9.6kg.


Rio3224-D2 has all the functionality of the Rio1608-D2 however it features a total of 32 analogue inputs with XLR3-31 type connections, and 16 analogue outputs plus 8 (4 stereo) 24bit AES/EBU outputs with balanced XLR-3-32 type connections. The Rio3224-D2 is rack-mountable and requires 5U vertical rack space.

Power consumption: 120W. Dimensions: 5U, 480 x 220 x 368mm (WxHxD). Weight: 13.5kg.


Ri8-D DANTE interface has many of the same features as the Rio1608-D, however this 1U rack mountable DANTE input interface has 8 analogue inputs on 3-pin XLR. This unit does not offer any outputs.

Power consumption: 35W. Dimensions: 1U, 480 x 44 x 362mm (WxHxD). Weight: 4.5kg.


The Ro8-D is the alter-ego of the Ri8-D and offers 8 analogue outputs within its 1U rack-mountable casing. The Ro8-D does not offer any input connections.

Power consumption: 35W. Dimensions: 1U, 480 x 44 x 359mm (WxHxD). Weight: 4.4kg.

Rio1608-D2 Rio3224-D2 Ri8-D Ro8-D
Analogue inputs 16 32 8
Analogue input connector 3-pin male XLR 3-pin male XLR 3-pin male XLR -
Analogue outputs 8 16 0 8
Analogue output connector 3-pin female XLR 3-pin female XLR - 3-pin female XLR
AES/EBU outputs 0 8 (4ST)
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YAMAHA RIO1608-D2 DANTE INTERFACE 16 mic/line in, 8 line outputs, 3U   Stock code: 95-8962
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YAMAHA RIO3224-D2 DANTE INTERFACE 32 mic/line in, 16 line outputs, 8 digital AES/EBU out, 5U   Stock code: 95-8961
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YAMAHA RI8-D DANTE INTERFACE 8 mic/line inputs, rackmountable   Stock code: 95-8963
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YAMAHA RO8-D DANTE INTERFACE 8 line outputs, rackmountable   Stock code: 95-8964
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