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20 July 2024
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CANFORD KST - FOIL SCREENED SOLID CONDUCTOR TWIN CABLE - Specifically for use with Krone systems

CANFORD KST CABLE 1 pair, Violet
CANFORD KST CABLE 1 pair, Violet

This D'n'A series (Digital and Analogue) cable is designed to be suitable for both digital and analogue audio signals, with an impedance of 100 ohms which has been proven to be suitable for AES/EBU digital audio as well as analogue microphone and line level signals. Wire insulation is polypropylene, which shrinks back minimally during soldering (considerably less than PVC or polyethylene).

The design is a special version of the standard FST Foil Screened Twin cable, designed by Canford Audio specifically for use with Krone ‘ABS’ and similar termination blocks. Cores and drain are all solid conductors, 0.5mm diameter, however the novel feature of this design lies with the drain wire. The Krone termination system only works properly with insulated wires, as the plastic is trapped in the connector block jaws and provides the mechanical anchor. Whilst a bare wire will terminate, it is prone to breakage as there is no strain relief. Having an insulated drain wire, whilst solving the mechanical anchorage problem, clearly is a contradiction. The solution is therefore to have the drain wire jacketed with conductive plastic. Electrically end-to-end there is a normal connection through the wire, and the conductive plastic is in contact with the foil along the cable. Tests have shown a negligible resistance between foil and drain wire, and practical tests have shown that this cable performs in the same way as standard FST. The practical advantages of FST, where the foil is bonded to the outer jacket, are retained with this cable.

Although this cable is designed for IDC applications, there will be occasions where some soldered terminations are required.

Technical Specification:
Conductors: 1/0.5mm (0.22mm²) tinned copper wire
Insulation: Foamed polypropylene, radial thickness 0.2mm OD 0.9mm, one red, one blue
Drain: 1/0.5mm (0.22mm²) tinned copper wire “insulated” with semi-conductive plastic
Screen: Bondable AL/Polyester tape
Jacket: PVC, radial thickness 0.4mm, OD 2.9mm ±5%, violet, printed with metre markings
Impedance: 100 ohms
Capacitance: 140pF/metre core to core,
260pF/metre core to core + screen
Max conductor resistance: 88 ohms/km
Reel length: 500 metres
Weight: 7.00kg/500m drum
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
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